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Police using big rigs to catch texting drivers



(Credit score: Fox 5 Screenshot through Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Police ingenuity is aware of no bounds these days.

No faster had we heard that some police forces have been shooting GPS bullets out of their car grills than every other piece of agile pondering lumbered its means to our consideration.

In Tennessee, police have transform a tad annoyed with their incapability to seize texter-drivers.

After all, police automobiles are at the similar degree as many others. They’re decrease down than SUVs. So what to do?

Get your self a large rig, that’s what.


As Fox 5 reports, Freeway patrol officers in Knoxville invested in large semi vehicles.

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With world watching, Google’s mystery barge sits in limbo


The construction that is being constructed by way of Google on a barge in San Francisco Bay.

(Credit score: James Martin/CNET)

Google’s thriller mission on a barge in the San Francisco Bay, which has piqued the passion or media the world over, sits in limbo day after day, in full view of somebody shut sufficient to see it.

Ultimate week, CNET was once first to file ties between Google and the structure, a 4-story-tall constructing made from delivery containers that sits largely coated in scaffolding and darkish netting on a stationary barge alongside Treasure Island, a former Navy base in the San Francisco Bay.

Is this ‘secret project’ Google’s floating data center? (pictures)

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‘Mamoris’ chair doubles as a helmet


Keiko Inagaki of Jap design studio Znug Design shows a prototype of the Mamoris chair.

(Credit score: Yoshizaku Tsuno/AFP/Getty Photography)

You’re sitting staring at TV when you begin to really feel the floor shake under you. You might dive below the nearest desk or run to a threshold. Or you may take your chair and plop it on your head. If you’re sitting in a Mamoris, that is.

The chair can convert into a helmet.

Eastern industrial fashion designer Kota Nezu of Znug Design, collectively with design agency Poplife, developed the prototype chair/hat for use in earthquakes. Mamoris (“mamoru” is Eastern for “to give protection to,” whereas “isu” method “chair”) simply made a exhibiting all over Tokyo Designers Week, which continues via November four. Japan, of path, is extremely vulnerable to temblors.

When you’re simply sitting there having a look beautiful and now not wanting head safety, the onerous hat hides discreetly beneath the chair. A ninety-stage twist of a dial situated in the seat detaches the chair’s again, which connects to the helmet. Flip the impromptu emergency equipment upside down for head, neck, and again safety.

The chair weighs about three kilos in its present new release.

No one is probably to name the Mamoris-atop-head trendy, however if it shields your noggin from items… [Read more]

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‘Mamoris’ chair doubles as a helmet


Cell phone takes bullet for gas station clerk


A direct hit.

(Credit score: Iciness Backyard Police)

Engineers satisfaction in hanging pens in their shirt pockets.

For fuel station clerks, alternatively, the vicinity of your cell cellphone in your shirt pocket might retailer your lifestyles.

This gave the impression to be the case at a Wintry weather Backyard, Fla., Hess fuel station, which was once topic to a holdup.

As WFTV reports it, a man walked in, demanded the protected be opened, and brandished a gun. Two clerks tried to open the secure, however failed. The robber took off, however no longer prior to turning and firing at one of the clerks.

As WESH-TV reports, when the police arrived, one of the clerks complained of chest ache. A contact of angina? No, a bullet to his HTC.

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Electric velocipede adds tech touches to olde-tyme bike


Neatly hey, dapper fellow.

(Credit score: Ding3000)

I’m so excited about the Thought 1865 electrical velocipede I would possibly have to lie down on my Victorian fainting sofa for a second. OK, higher now…

For these who haven’t watched any silent motion pictures just lately, a velocipede is any one of a few early bicycles with pedals hooked up to the entrance wheel. Not like the bikes of lately that recreation symmetrical tires, on the other hand, they featured wheels of various sizes (frequently a large one in entrance) to reinforce the transmission ratio.

The rear wheel homes the electrical force, whereas the removable seat incorporates the battery. (Click on to amplify.)

(Credit score: Ding3000)

German design studio Ding3000 has reimagined that bike of yore with the Concept 1865, a velocipede that packs a 250-watt electrical force and a removable seat with an built-in battery.

Ding3000 created the prepared-to-journey prototype in collaboration with German chemical firm BASF, which was once based in 1865 and needed to take a go back and forth again in its personal historical past to a time when Karl Drais’ picket … [Read more]

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Electric velocipede adds tech touches to olde-tyme bike


San Francisco’s bay barge mystery: Floating data center or Google Glass store?


The construction that is virtually indisputably being constructed by way of Google, on a barge in San Francisco Bay.

(Credit score: James Martin/CNET)

The thriller surrounding a huge construction constructed on a barge docked in San Francisco bay is deepening. Is it a floating Google information middle? A floating Google Glass retailer? Or one thing else altogether?

On Friday, I reported exclusively that a firm, very seemingly Google, has set up keep on Treasure Island, situated between San Francisco and Oakland, and has been constructing a huge construction made from transport, or cargo, containers on a barge. Some proof suggests it would possibly be a floating information middle, together with the reality that Google itself has a patent for such a thought.

Google has now not spoke back to more than one requests for remark.

This construction, viewed on a barge in Portland, Maine is very equivalent to a construction that is below development in San Francisco Bay. Each tasks had been constructed on prime of barges owned by using the related firm.

(Credit score: John Ewing/Portland Press Herald)

The Portland (Maine) Press Herald additionally … [Read more]

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San Francisco’s bay barge mystery: Floating data center or Google Glass store?


SNL skewers Obamacare Web site, suggests low-res version


Low-res, however gorgeous all the similar.

(Credit score: NBC Screenshot by using Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

You may have been taken in poor health lately making an attempt to get the executive’s well being care Net web site to work. seems to have been created by means of a drunken cabal of Borat, his favourite three Kazakhs, and your uncle Bob who is aware of the whole thing there is to be aware of about automobiles.

It was once inevitable that these with a wholesome experience of self-price at “Saturday Night time Are living” would possibly provide their personal view of the scenario.

As it became out, they made up our minds to supply technical assist.

Kate McKinnon, portraying Secretary of Well being Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, provided some helpful pointers on how to inspire the web page to work.

First she prompt that it’s at all times an thought to restart your pc.

“Now and again it helps to flip your laptop off and then flip it again on. We don’t recognize why. It simply does,” she stated.

I have had a number of IT wizards supply me the similar recommendation over the years.

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God exists, say Apple fanboy scientists


Math says there is hope.

(Credit score: GaryGeckDotCom/YouTube screenshot with the aid of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I fight with theories. They so infrequently work out in apply. And although lecturers tried to power-feed theories, theorems, and theologies down my throat when I was once impressionable, these days nothing will get via.

Two Apple aficionados, alternatively, made up our minds to take on the Large Banging Thought — whether or not God exists — and declare they now have proof.

My irregular studying of Der Spiegel introduced me to the information that all it took was once the assist of one MacBook and one early twentieth century theorem. (Thank you, TechEye, for sending me there.)

The theorem belongs to Austrian mathematician Kurt Gödel. It goes like this: “God, through definition, is that for which no better can be conceived. God exists in the working out. If God exists in the figuring out, we may think about Him to be larger with the aid of present in fact. Subsequently, God should exist.”

I am now not going to enter into the finer factors of this superb soar of common sense. On the other hand, what’s clear is that whereas I’ve been ready for Godot, I must have been ready for Gödel.

Gödel, you see, created a … [Read more]

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God exists, say Apple fanboy scientists


Police firing GPS tracking ‘bullets’ at cars during chases


And there it goes.

(Credit score: WPEC-TV Screenshot by way of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Automotive chases are thrilling, however fraught.

One slip of the wheel, one errant pedestrian, one drunken driver, and tough penalties may just practice.

Police in Iowa and Florida, on the other hand, appear to have taken the assistance of Q from the “Bond” films.

As a substitute of repeatedly hurtling after possible madmen, they have discovered an completely new approach of monitoring their automobiles.

It’s known as Starchase. Basically, it’s a cannon that fires “bullets” that are sticky GPS units.

CBS 12 offered an instance in actual existence of how it’s executed.

Iowa state trooper Tim Sieleman gave the impression fairly mesmerized. He advised CBS 12: “If you had instructed me sixteen years in the past that I would have had a cannon on the entrance of my automobile, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Officers in St. Petersburg, Fla., additionally are trying out the machine. As ABC News reports, the operation of the compressed air gun (no longer too not like the kind that fires T-shirts into the crowd at NBA video games) is slightly easy.

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Stop-motion laser cut onto 800 blocks of wood


(Credit score: Video screenshot by way of Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Cease-movement animation is frequently a lovely meticulous course of through someone’s definition, however photo artist Nando Costa is it seems that a lot extra onerous core. He’s created a 2-minute, 30-2nd stop-motion animation — by using laser slicing every body into timber.

“As viewed in the video, each and every body is distinctive,” he stated. “Apart from the design of every body itself being diverse, small variances that naturally happen in the laser-engraving course of, as neatly as the completely different wooden grain of every body, naturally created delicate shifts of the place of the art work. An impact that I used to be specifically in and that may naturally be executed in digital meeting however that I was once a lot extra excited about re-developing with actual objects.”

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