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Classic arcade watch puts a game cabinet on your wrist

February 18, 2014Gadgets News Update



Convey your devotion to the gaming lifestyles.

(Credit score: ThinkGeek)

You love traditional arcade video games like Pac-Man and Area Invaders, and you need the world to understand it. You might put on a hip T-shirt with a Donkey Kong brand on it, or you may scrap all feel of subtly and strap ThinkGeek’s classic arcade watch to your wrist.

The watch appears to be like like a mini arcade cupboard full with a tiny joystick and little crimson button. What it if truth be told does is inform the time with a pair of shifting asteroids and a spaceship. The fictional recreation on show is referred to as “Galactic Safety.” It comes out in March for $fifty nine.ninety nine.

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If the watch had miraculously been a playable arcade recreation with a functioning joystick, then it would be rocketing into the geeky stratosphere, however you’ll have to settle for the extremely fulfill… [Read more]

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Classic arcade watch puts a game cabinet on your wrist


Is wearing Google Glass to propose insane? Watch this and decide


Memorable? For the proper causes?

(Credit score: Google/YouTube Screenshot by way of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Proposing marriage to your vital lifestyles-accomplice — or even to Olga, the snake-charmer you met in a bar final week — ought to be memorable.

You by no means be aware of how many instances in existence you’ll get to counsel marriage, whereas down on one knee, so it’s price holding in your thoughts.

Will have to you toughen that want for renovation, although, by using carrying glasses that make you seem to be like an institutionalized escapee?

In order to have fun Valentine’s weekend — sure, the one in which many couples choose to break up — Google released a video that could are living lengthy in many craniums.

For right here are a number of Google Glass Explorers, the first responders to Google’s nice wearable tech accident, proposing marriage to their liked ones.

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A plasma lover’s guide to LED LCD


(Credit score: CNET)

If you’re fan of plasma TVs, remaining yr’s announcement by Panasonic that the firm was once no longer going to make them probably got here as rather a blow.

So now what? What do you do if you need a new TV however need the image high quality of a plasma?

This information leads you although all the to be had choices. Some just right, some unhealthy, some painful. Welcome to the TV world of 2014.

If you’re on the fence about what expertise to get, test out LED LCD vs. OLED vs. plasma. Additionally, a shout-out to reader Joe F., who requested for this very article.

Samsung and LG For 2014, each Samsung and LG have introduced they will proceed to promote plasmas. Previous that, who is aware of?

LG has already introduced its 2014 line at CES, but it’s not that exciting. And traditionally, LG’s plasmas run a distant third to Samsung’s and Panasonic’s for image high quality.

As of this writing, we nonetheless don’t have agency information about Samsung’s 2014 line. Our newest inquiry to the firm, spurred by way of an alert AVS Discussion board reader … [Read more]

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A plasma lover’s guide to LED LCD


Mars ‘jelly doughnut’ mystery finally solved

February 14, 2014Gadgets News Update



This prior to-and-after pair of pictures of the comparable patch of floor thirteen days aside paperwork the arrival of a atypical, shiny rock in entrance of NASA’s Mars Rover Probability. The rock, known as “Pinnacle Island,” is considered in the proper picture on January eight, 2014. The picture at left was once taken on December 26, 2013.

(Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ.)

A thriller rock which seemed to appear out of nowhere on Mars final month stirred up so much hypothesis amongst alien fanatics, however it seems the thriller is solved. The solution is extra easy than sci-fi.

NASA mentioned Friday that the mysterious rock, which resembled a jelly doughnut, is if truth be told just a piece of a larger rock that the Mars Exploration Rover Chance drove over in January.

When the Chance rover noticed the anomaly on Mars final month, NASA’s scientists have been baffled. An diagnosis of the rock with the Chance’s spectrometer confirmed a “ordinary composition, totally different from the rest we have considered earlier than,” stated Steve Squyres, the primary investigator of the Mars Exploration Rovers.

“It’s about the measurement of a jelly doughnut. It used to be a complete… [Read more]

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Mars ‘jelly doughnut’ mystery finally solved


12-year-old builds low-cost Lego braille printer


Shubham Banerjee created a printer that might be used in creating international locations.

(Credit score: Neil Banerjee)

Shubham Banerjee, a California seventh grader, is one of these youngsters whose coronary heart and thoughts lengthen neatly past his personal lifestyles and into the the wider world past. For a science truthful undertaking, he reflected the difficulty of braille printers, which can price upwards of $2,000, and determined there should be a higher approach.

The higher manner he got here up with concerned the artful use of a $350 Lego Mindstorms EV3 equipment alongside with a few bucks value of hardware from Dwelling Depot. He took a general, preexisting sample for a printer and remodeled it with new instrument and hardware enhancements to print out letters in braille. The end result is known as the Braigo.

The Braigo’s controller is set up to scroll via the alphabet. You make a selection a letter and it prints it out with tactile bumps on a roll of calculator paper. The print head is in fact a thumbtack, which Banerjee settled on after additionally checking out a small drill bit and a mechanical pencil.

The first prototype isn’t terribly quick, however it proves the thought works. Banerjee is working on enhancements that will permit it to print full pages of textual content.

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Coat your walls with sound-absorbing ‘dragon skin’


No longer best will these tiles soak up the impressed stares of your pals, they’ll soak up sound as smartly.

(Credit score: Stone Design)

When you can go for dragon pores and skin, why would you select fluffy clouds as an alternative?

(Credit score: Stone Designs)

Stone Designs out of Spain has created a sequence of acoustic tiles modeled after ginkgo leaves. Made of felt, these tiles can be organized on your wall in a selection of patterns to now not best raise its aesthetic attraction, however to make your rooms much less echoey.

Whereas you can mix these leaf-formed tiles into patterns similar to a cloudy sky as viewed to the proper, the so much cooler choice is to go with a sample similar to dragon pores and skin — good and tender dragon pores and skin.

The tiles affix to the wall with velcro so you can simply rearrange them to make totally different patterns. However as soon as you’ve obtained the “mom of dragon design” striking in your residence, why would you need to exchange it?

There’s a neat synergy between dragons and ginkgo bushes by way of the manner, taking into account that the bushes have survived lovely a lot unchanged considering the fact that our planet’s Jurassic duration and dragons come from historical occasions as smartly (you knew about that, proper?).

Additionally, dragons have tremendous-tricky pores and skin and, as it turns out, so do ginkgo bushes. In truth, there are in fact a few ginkgos in Japan that sur… [Read more]

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Coat your walls with sound-absorbing ‘dragon skin’


How to give an albino alligator a CT scan

February 14, 2014Gadgets News Update



Mr. Bones will get prepared for his scan.

(Credit score: St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park)

Mr. Bones has an arthritis-associated jaw situation. He can’t open his mouth as totally as an alligator most often can. As of late, he’s no longer even been ready to open it as large as normal. To to find out what’s up, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in Florida had to take him in for a CT scan.

Mr. Bones is a huge albino alligator. You can’t precisely sit down him down and provide an explanation for in English why he desires to preserve nonetheless for his personal excellent to have a a success CT scan. He had to be absolutely restrained, however with out the use of sedatives, considering the fact that administering medication can be a unsafe exercise with doubtlessly unhealthy aspect results for alligators.

Mr. Bones used to be transported to the College of Florida for his scan. It required reasonably a few industrial-dimension tie-downs to dangle the gator in position on a timber board. He had to be utterly strapped down for his excursion into the scanning computing device.

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Find your favorite spots on this detailed map of the Internet


Apple is the Giant Apple on this map.

(Credit score: Martin Vargic)

Come trip time, why no longer take a ski shuttle to the Socialization Mountains, or shuttle perpetually again and forth between Twitch and SkyDoesMinecraft alongside the YouTube coast of the Procrastination Sea?

These are simply two of the a lot of locations laid out on a stunningly precise map of the Internet, conceived through Slovakian fashion designer Martin Vargic. He says he created the map in three weeks in his spare time, basing the measurement of the web sites/international locations roughly on site visitors knowledge from Alexa and different metrics.

Vargic gave Crave permission to zoom in on the map and current the beneath gallery of its primary areas in element. He explains that he’s divided the map into two multiple elements:

The japanese continent, “the previous world” showcases device corporations, gaming corporations and some of the extra actual-existence oriented internet sites; (the) Western phase, “the new world” is composed from… social networks, search internet sites, video web pages, blogs, boards and artwork web pages. All main grownup-oriented internet sites, in addition to varioius warez and torrent web sites, are situated on the southwestern continent of the map.

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Bye-bye Flappy Bird — popular game grounded by its creator


Makes an attempt to obtain Flappy Fowl at Apple’s App Retailer consequence in a message that the recreation is unavailable.

(Credit score: Screenshot through Steven Musil/CNET)

Flappy Hen was once eliminated from app shops on Sunday, simply hours after its creator warned that the common recreation’s dying used to be nigh.

The free smartphone sport for iOS and Android took the mobile market by storm, reportedly incomes $50,000 in advert income each and every day. Flappy Hen had been obtain upwards of 50 million instances and earned forty seven,000 critiques on the App Retailer.

After Flappy Chicken secured the No. 1 spot on the App Retailer and Google Play Retailer late final month, a few media shops tried to give an explanation for our fascination with the advert-primarily based tapping recreation, which sported a pixelated artwork model impressed by means of Tremendous Mario Bros. On the other hand, all that consideration proved too so much for Dong Nguyen, the app’s creator.

Nguyen tweeted Saturday that he would dispose of the sport from the app shops on Sunday, pronouncing that he used to be overwhelmed via the sport’s success: [Read more]

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Bye-bye Flappy Bird — popular game grounded by its creator


Man who posts online vid of kitten abuse gets year in prison


On-line cat movies have come to be related with some of the cutest, silliest moments the Web has to supply. However they can have a darkish facet too, as a criminal sentence passed down in France Monday displays.

A veterinarian holds Oscar the kitten, who used to be injured when thrown again and again in opposition to a constructing. The perpetrator then posted the video to his Fb profile.

(Credit score: Stringer/AFP/Getty Pictures)

Farid Ghilas of Marseille used to be sentenced to a yr in jail for of animal cruelty after posting a video to his Fb profile closing week exhibiting him again and again hurling a kitten in opposition to a constructing. The video speedy went viral, sparking standard horror and outrage and even loss of life threats to the perpetrator.

By way of the time Ghilas took the video down, Fb customers had copied and pasted his profile data; posted his identify, tackle, and cellphone quantity on the Net; and created Fb pages calling for his arrest. The police ended up taking Ghilas into custody much less than 24 hours after the video regarded on-line.

On Monday, simply days later, some 200 animal-rights activists, accompanied with the aid of about 20 canines, gathered outdoor a Marseille prison courtroom as the 24-12 months-previous man used to be sentenced on prices of “acts of cruelty towards a home and tame animal.” The offense incorporates a most jail time period of two years and a high-quality of 30,000 euros (about $forty,500).

Acc… [Read more]

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Man who posts online vid of kitten abuse gets year in prison