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Google’s barge explanation: Bilge?


Come over right here, kids. This will be enjoyable.

(Credit score: James Martin/CNET)

I can really feel the rather pungent heat that accompanies nice sighs of aid.

After lengthy, troublesome days of concern and hypothesis, Google has eventually defined that it is constructing buildings on barges now not to create technological islands upon which the firm can behavior doubtful scientific experiments.

As a substitute, Google provided a remark that it used to be simply, oh, you comprehend, constructing a good floating glass field that youngsters may swim to, in order to examine about new know-how.

The actual words read: “Google Barge…A floating knowledge heart? A wild birthday celebration boat? A barge housing the ultimate closing dinosaur? Unfortunately, none of the above. Even if it’s nonetheless early days and issues could exchange, we’re exploring the use of the barge as an interactive area the place individuals can research about new expertise.”

Please forgive me, however if you make a decision to construct what appears to be like like slightly a big construction out on the water, you would possibly have some imprecise concept of what you’re going to do with it.

Particularly if you’re an engineer.

Goal is an engineer’s O-sure. It’s the purpose why engineers get up in the morning, floss their enamel, and hop on their ergonomic bicycles and air-conditioned, Wi-Equipped buses.

To think about that these ed… [Read more]

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Google’s barge explanation: Bilge?


An Indiegogo campaign… to fund a Kickstarter campaign


(Credit score: Video screenshot with the aid of Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

So, this factor is taking place proper now. A workforce from Occidental, Calif., is attempting to lift $500 on Indiegogo to construct a skilled-high quality Kickstarter marketing campaign to fund their concept.

What’s their thought? We don’t be aware of. They haven’t exact. Chance is excessive it’s an tricky shaggy dog story, particularly on account that it’s filed beneath “Comedian” (the closest the web site will get to “Comedy”) and contains phrases such as “Practice the ideas, trade widgets for wallops, set up social-media websites to self screen, and decide to make your self higher than others — borrow if important.”

Rewards embody conserving the rights to your personal identify, a record in the Kickstarter marketing campaign credit, and a thank you letter or telephone name (however no longer each). And there’s a video to go with it, however it’s no extra enlightening than the challenge web page.

10 super-wacky crowdfunding ideas (pictures)

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The 404 1,377: Where we take in the gravity of it all (podcast)


(Credit score: Tumblr)

Leaked from nowadays’s 404 episode:

– Verizon’s CS Twitter goes radio silent after it asks Jeff why he’s leaving .

– Maintain your entire physique heat just by wearing this scientific wristband.

Episode 1,377

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The 404 1,377: Where we take in the gravity of it all (podcast)


Digital health tools likely to decrease visits to the doctor


In the now not-too-far away future, it is reasonably seemingly that most interactions between sufferers and the well being care device will happen online, in accordance to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg College of Public Well being, who partnered with The Commonwealth Fund to overview contemporary tendencies in digital well being care as neatly as scientific literature.

Thanks to shopper-directed well being apps, digital well being data (EHRs), telemedicine, and the like, researchers say that sufferers are going to dramatically exchange the method they have interaction with their medical doctors. They record their findings in the November issue of the journal Health Affairs.

The researchers estimate that when EHRs are in use in simply 30 p.c of neighborhood-based totally physicians’ workplaces, the elevate in effectivity will:


Crave Ep. 144: DARPA wants to put an implant in your brain


DARPA needs to put an implant in your mind, Ep. a hundred and forty four iTunes (SD) observe the well being of squaddies, DARPA has began growing mind implants that will screen the mind in actual time. We test out the new age of rhythm recreation apps with Duet, and admire a Mario-like facet-scrolling job resume that’s fairly probably the best possible job resume ever created. All that, and some funeral selfies, on this week’s Crave exhibit.

Crave tales:

- Duet: How a kick-butt game soundtrack is made

- Side-scrolling, Mario-inspired resume rocks the job hunt

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Crave Ep. 144: DARPA wants to put an implant in your brain


Google guessing game: What’s atop the mystery barge?


A seem to be at the mysterious construction atop a barge in San Francisco Bay. Google received’t say what it is, producing excessive hypothesis.

(Credit score: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)

Over the remaining week, there has been severe hypothesis about simply what precisely Google is constructing on its thriller barges in the San Francisco Bay and in Portland, Maine.

CNET used to be first to file the connection between Google and the mystery structures, however even we’re now not sure what the tech massive is constructing.

Google isn’t pronouncing — the tech massive hasn’t replied to more than one requests for remark from CNET. However there’s no doubt the firm is at the back of the mission. It has been in discussions with two public companies — the Nationwide Park Carrier, and the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Building Fee — about towing no matter it is constructing into San Francisco.

There’s additionally been hypothesis that the undertaking will be taken from metropolis to metropolis. And whereas most individuals imagine Google’s intentions are just right, there’s been masses of commentary that the firm is going again on its dedication to by no means be evil.

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Google guessing game: What’s atop the mystery barge?


Bosom buddy: Bra tweets every time it’s unhooked


This bra received’t unhook quietly.

(Credit score: Screenshot via Amanda Kooser/CNET)

What do chocolate, Twitter, and bras have in well-liked? They’ve all come collectively for a advertising marketing campaign aimed at breast most cancers consciousness. The marketing campaign hinges on a bra that sends a tweet every time the clasp is freed.

Regardless of the wealthy prospects for teen-romp coming-of-age motion pictures, the Tweeting Bra‘s goal is to motivate girls to behavior breast self-assessments each month.

Nestle, the model highest identified for its chocolate associations, has a cereal model known as Nestle Fitness bought beautiful so much all over the place however the US and Canada. No, it’s now not simply a bunch of chunks of chocolate in a field. It’s in fact geared towards well being-aware customers. That’s why the Nestle Health/breast most cancers consciousness marketing campaign if truth be told makes feel.

Boobs, I did it once more! ??? ??????????? ?????. ???????? @mariabacodimou #tweetingbra

— TweetingBra (@tweetingbra) October 22, 2013

Greek TV persona Maria Bakodimous is carrying the linked bra for two weeks. Every time the bra is unhooked, it sends a message by way of Bluetooth to a cell telephone,… [Read more]

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Bosom buddy: Bra tweets every time it’s unhooked


MIT ‘Anklebot’ gauges joint stiffness to improve rehab


A entrance and facet view of a volunteer carrying the Anklebot, which strikes the ankle and information its stiffness.

(Credit score: Hyunglae Lee/MIT)

The ankle is one thing of an anatomical puzzle.

“Think about you have a assortment of pebbles, and you wrap a complete bunch of elastic bands round them,” Neville Hogan, a mechanical engineering professor at MIT, mentioned in a faculty information document. “That’s beautiful so much a description of what the ankle is. It’s nowhere close to a easy joint from a kinematics standpoint.”

So Hogan teamed up with colleagues at MIT’s Newman Laboratory for Biomechanics and Human Rehabilitation to check Anklebot, a robotic that makes use of electrodes to record the torque and angular displacement at the joint and calculate stiffness in quite a lot of guidelines.

To do this, the bot is installed to a knee brace that is in flip linked to a customized shoe, and Anklebot strikes the individual’s foot in a programmed trajectory to check the ankle’s customary vary of movement.

In trying out the bot on 10 wholesome volunteers, the crew discovered that the movement of the ankle when shifting aspect to aspect is in truth unbiased of the movement when shifting up and down. They additionally discovered that the ankle is weakest when turning inward, better when tilting from aspect to aspect, and strongest when merely shifting up and dow… [Read more]

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MIT ‘Anklebot’ gauges joint stiffness to improve rehab


Found: Old LaserDisc with never-before-seen ‘Star Wars’ footage


(Credit score: Return of the Jedi lengthy misplaced Edit Droid Laserdisc Found out)

A LaserDisc that has it sounds as if been in limbo for 30 years has been recovered, and it incorporates by no means-prior to-viewed in the back of-the-scenes photos of “Famous person Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi.”

A Fb crew calling itself Return of the Jedi long lost Edit Droid Laserdisc Discovered discovered the LaserDisc on eBay for $699. It comprises 50 uncooked, unedited takes of the scenes on Dagobah starring Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

The disc’s eBay vendor, lavenderjadelain, appears to specialize in previous media.

Associated tales

LaserDisc, the first business optical disc, is about the dimension of a vinyl LP and was once the chosen approach of storage used with the aid of LucasFilm for its EditDroid photos enhancing device — the precursor to enhancing instrument Avid and Remaining Minimize Professional. It is one of these enhancing discs that the crew discovered.

So a long way, t… [Read more]

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Found: Old LaserDisc with never-before-seen ‘Star Wars’ footage


Toddler’s freaky LED Halloween costume is just freaky


Lovely? Or very, fairly horrifying?

(Credit score: Visible Burrito/YouTube Screenshot through Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It’s all very neatly commemorating the lifeless and all that.

However the actual level of Halloween is to provoke everybody else with your sartorial creativeness.

This is one thing youngsters should study at a very early age.

All hail, then, to photographer Royce Hutain, who has created a tremendous and very rather bizarre LED stick figure costume for his 22-month-previous daughter, Zoey.

Extra Technically Improper

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