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Quadcopter captures footage of active volcano


(Credit score: Video screenshot by using Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Energetic volcanoes, for glaring causes, are exhausting to find out about up shut. They’re bad to human-piloted plane — as smartly as human our bodies — which way photos of lively craters is troublesome to acquire.

YouTuber Shaun O’Callaghan, on the other hand, figured out a means: with a quadcopter. He connected a GoPro motion digicam to a DJI Phantom and flew that child proper into the crater of Mount Yasur, an energetic volcano on Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

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Amazingly, the drone escaped unscathed — even getting up shut and non-public with lava that can attain temperatures up to 1,200 levels Celsius — and O’Callaghan efficiently established that volcanoes are superior.

Additionally how e… [Read more]

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Quadcopter captures footage of active volcano


DreamPad pillow plays music only you can hear


The DreamPad needs to be your new bedtime chum.

(Credit score: Built-in Listening)

Falling asleep to the sound of track or podcasts can be such an particular person factor. Your associate may now not need to hear to Yanni or Dan Patrick. Sporting earphones whereas you sleep can be very uncomfortable, or require you to are trying to sleep on your again, whether or not you need to or now not. There is a new means to get your track and your zzzs with out bugging somebody else. It’s the DreamPad, a pillow that whispers candy track for your ears handiest.

The DreamPad hooks up to your smartphone or MP3 participant by means of a cable. It makes use of conductive know-how to cross the sound into your head. It’s a equivalent way to headphones that use bone conduction.

The DreamPad is stated to work no subject what place you sleep in, or even if you tuck your hand below your face whereas you’re sleeping. The entire thought is to switch the sound by means of vibrations, which lets you reduce the headphone wire.

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Eating food off the floor may be OK, scientist says


Oh, no.

(Credit score: BillClintonCEO/YouTube screenshot through Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

We all have our ideas.

For some, it’s 5 seconds. For others, ten. And for college students, it tends to be measured in days.

Each time we drop meals on the flooring, we be aware of we’re taking a possibility via choosing it up once more and placing it in our mouths. However, neatly, it’s meals. And it wasn’t there for that lengthy.

A microbiologist took it upon himself to test simply how soiled meals will get when dropped on the ground.

Anthony Hilton of Aston College in Birmingham, UK, notion it may be instructive to are trying quite a lot of surfaces to see if what goes down can come upon once more intact.

He and his college students dropped toast, pasta, and sticky chocolates on more than a few flooring — carpet, laminate and tiled surfaces — for between three and 30 seconds. Then they ate them. No, wait. Then they examined them for micro organism.

Given that this analysis used to be taking place in my personal dwelling city, I involved for the outcomes.

What Hilton and his college students revealed is that the 5 seconds rule would possibly be acceptable. The longer meals stays on the flooring, the extra probably it is to entice organic nasties.

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LeBron James, Samsung rep, tweets rage at his Galaxy


LeBron from a Samsung advert.

(Credit score: Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by using Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

When you get mad, you get mad.

When you’re a well-known particular person, it’s your accountability to share your insanity. And if you need the immediacy of sharing simply how mad you are, you go to Twitter.

Slightly naturally, this is what LeBron James selected to do on Wednesday when his telephone phlegmed out and erased the whole thing he had on it.

As Business Insider reports, the Miami Warmth ahead instructed his 12 million followers: “My cellphone simply erased the whole lot it had in it and rebooted. One of the sickest emotions I’ve had in my existence!!!”

Oh, no(te).

(Credit score: LeBron James/Twitter)

Sympathy welled from Miami to Mogadishu. Unfortunately, some retweeted his ache and gloated.

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NASA asks citizen scientists to become ‘asteroid hunters’


If bad asteroids are found out, NASA could be in a position to plan asteroid-shooting expeditions.

(Credit score: Picture courtesy of NASA/JPL Close to-Earth Object Application Administrative center)

NASA is taking a look for citizen scientists to assist shop planet Earth.

The area company introduced Monday that it is launching an “Asteroid Knowledge Hunter” contest series to attain out to folks to lend a hand create algorithms to establish asteroids zooming round outer area. NASA will supply away $35,000 in awards to competitors winners.

Millions of asteroids are concept to be at present orbiting the solar and scientists need to be certain to determine as many of them as that you can think of. Why? So people don’t go the manner of the dinosaurs.

Whereas NASA deemed Earth safe last year from a huge asteroid that was once slated to hit the planet in 2036, there have been different close to misses and small-asteroid collisions over the previous few years. A prior to now undetected 20-meter asteroid crashed into Russia remaining yr with the power of 500,000 lots of TNT, which injured roughly 1,… [Read more]

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NASA asks citizen scientists to become ‘asteroid hunters’


Bulletproof men’s suit blends Bruce Wayne style, Batman-worthy tech


In accordance to the producers, the Diamond Armor go well with is the world’s most dear males’s costume swimsuit. However it doesn’t get truly soiled, so there’s that.

(Credit score: Suitart)

Sartorially, Bruce Wayne indubitably had the existence. When he wasn’t on the job, he received to put on million-buck fits, thousand-greenback watches, and ties that price extra than a few hundred bucks. When he switched into Batman mode, he acquired to flaunt a slick cape, physique armor that made him seem ripped, and one hell of a belt. (Via the means, I’m speaking right here of the film reboots, now not so a lot the Adam West days.)

Now, a Zurich-based totally firm recognized as Suitart has developed a males’s go well with that combines a complete lot of Wayne model with an plentiful dose of “kapow!” It’s referred to as “Diamond Armor,” and for just right cause: the go well with material is embedded with 880 black diamonds; the lapels and stitching characteristic an extra 600 black diamonds with a complete weight of a hundred and forty carats; and the jacket buttons are made from metal embedded with even extra black beauties — 280 to be exact.

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Robotic arm gives amputee drummer better beats


One drumstick is managed with the aid of muscle motion, the different “listens” and performs on its personal.

(Credit score: Georgia Tech)

When drummer Jason Barnes misplaced his decrease proper arm to electrocution two years in the past, his future as a musician didn’t seem too promising. However thanks to a new robotic arm invented by using Professor Gil Weinberg, founding director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, he could quickly be the envy of the drumming world.

That’s as a result of the new mechanical arm successfully offers Barnes the skill to use three completely different drumsticks whereas enjoying his package. He holds the first in his left hand, as all the time. The different two are held via the robotic arm connected to Barnes’ proper bicep. One of these sticks is managed through the up-and-down movement of Barnes’ arm, as smartly as electrical impulses from his physique measured through electromyography muscle sensors.

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Doc Brown finally admits Funny or Die hoverboard video is fake


Humorous or Die must at least supply out these hats.

(Credit score: Screenshot by using Nick Statt/CNET)

To everybody’s dismay, the future has not actually arrived. Other people, hoverboards are now not actual.

At lengthy ultimate, actor Christopher Lloyd of “Again to the Future” popularity conceded Wednesday in a Funny or Die apology video that the abnormal and nonetheless confounding online viral campaign promoting a working hoverboard was once certainly a hoax, throwing in the towel on what has been a drawn out, exhaustive social-media time suck for the remaining 24 hours.

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YouTube comments become a hilarious YouTube movie

February 22, 2014Gadgets News Update



You twerker.

(Credit score: Useless Parrot/YouTube screenshot with the aid of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Occasionally we say issues with out considering.

Then there are the instances when we say issues with out pronouncing the rest at all.

However there are additionally the willfully aggressive varieties who steam into feedback sections in order to revel in their personal specific kind of Battle Membership.

The downside with these so-referred to as troll sorts is that their discourse doesn’t at all times upward push to the stage of minimal grace or schooling. As a substitute, there’s rabid invective, with spellings from the time of Chaucer. If you’re fortunate.

Fortunately, the lighthearted souls at Dead Parrot determined they would immortalize some of the extra memorable remark exchanges on YouTube, by using turning them into motion pictures.

One of the best options an trade underneath a video entitled “Soccer Participant By accident Slaps a Referee’s Boob.”

The two commenters experience the handles “Ivy Kenso” and “ShortShortDI.”

In selecting actors with expressive English voices, genuine gravitas is lent to what would possibly at first appear like banal phrases.

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Google to Glassholes: Stop it

February 19, 2014Gadgets News Update



Explorers want etiquette?

(Credit score: Google)

It’s onerous being misunderstood.

Every so often you have to ask your self: “Is it these determined ingrates who don’t see my genius? Or would possibly it be me?”

Why did this idea enter my afflicted day? Oh, as a result of Google has simply launched a guide to help its Explorers behave.

In the prior, Google has been satisfied to let its pioneers do their factor. Now, after one or two bought a pie in the ear, Google is eager to assist the nerds assimilate with the world as it unfortunately is.

The information is a collection of do’s and don’ts. Naturally, the don’ts are extra fascinating.

The first appears one thing of a response to fears that extended use of the software would possibly now not be smart. Final week, Google Glass fanatic Chris Barrett informed me how he’d experienced severe headaches when he wore it for any length of time.

The first of Google’s new don’ts tells customers no longer to “Glass-Out.” It explains: “Glass was once constructed for quick bursts of knowledge and interactions that permit you to fast get again to doing the different issues you love.”

And “issues you love” shouldn’t embody eight hours of creepy images.

Nonetheless, this information doesn’t point out well being causes. Fairly: “If y… [Read more]

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