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Cool! Real train arrives, woman’s hair blows onscreen


A billboard on a Stockholm subway platform comes alive each time a educate pulls into the station.

(Credit score: Video screenshot with the aid of Michael Franco/CNET)

If you’ve ever waited on a subway platform, you’re acquainted with that woosh of air that comes via the tunnel prior to a teach’s arrival. Swedish advert company Akestam Holst and manufacturing firm Stopp produced an advert for a new line of hair care merchandise that places that phenomenon to just right use.

The inventive Swedes put ultrasonic sensors in the back of video monitors on a subway platform in Stockholm. They then related the sensors to the monitor by way of a Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

The video displays confirmed a lady with lengthy flowing hair. When the sensors detected the coming near educate they prompted the video picture to exhibit the girl’s hair flying round her face as if it had been being blown with the aid of the wind from the tunnel. Easy, however efficient. So efficient, in reality, that the firm left the advert for Apotek Hjärtat’s Apolosophy merchandise up for 5 days even although it had at the beginning handiest deliberate it as a day-lengthy stunt.

Take a seem to be…

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Cool! Real train arrives, woman’s hair blows onscreen


Washing machine uses beads for clear savings

February 28, 2014Gadgets News Update



(Credit score: Xeros)

Everybody is aware of a washing computing device requires water and detergent to smooth your garments.

So when you suppose about halving that quantity of water and including beads — sure, think about beads flinging round in the washing computer — into the equation, it may sound a little off.

However that wasn’t the case for College of Leeds’ Stephen Burkinshaw, professor of cloth chemistry, and his college students.

They have developed a washing machine that makes use of virtually 1.5 million tiny polymer beads combined with a small cup of water and detergent to totally easy one load of laundry.

The beads physically dislodge dirt, and work in opposition to creasing via weighing down the material. In accordance to an article in AIP Scitation, “Nylon with ease takes up dye, and forming the polymer into spherical beads yielded the most efficient stain extractor.” The beads had been subtle from there to be extra efficient.

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Making headphones mono

February 26, 2014Gadgets News Update



(Credit score: Monoprice)

I just lately got an e-mail from a reader, Raul, whose daughter is deaf in one ear. She loves track, however with headphones she’d simplest get one channel.

Whereas my preliminary idea was once for a quite easy repair, as I researched to be certain, it became out to be extra complicated than I figured.

A quick and lengthy resolution, to apply.

The quick resolution is this: a stereo to mono adapter. Particularly, and this is the necessary phase, a stereo male to a mono feminine. As in, the phase that plugs into the iPod is stereo (with two plastic rings, as considered above). These can be discovered in the type of an adapter plug, or a “Y” cable.

The reverse (mono male to stereo feminine) is some distance extra in style, however for what we’re speaking about, now not what we’re having a look for. Additionally, most “stereo to mono” Y cables purely cut up the sign, so every mono feminine finish is getting simply one channel.

The lengthy resolution

What has to occur is the stereo channels have to be blended down to a single channel, and that channel should be despatched to each ears. This manner, Raul’s daughter, and somebody else looking each channels in one ear, can get all the tune. There are plugs that do this, and cables. Radio Shack, Amazon, Monoprice, all have choices. Studying via the feedback on Amazon, it appears there are individuals who acquired this to work precisely as we’re discussing.

Then again, they don’t all the time work like that. There are a couple of wa… [Read more]

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Making headphones mono


Galaxy S5: How Samsung built its Galactic Empire (video)

February 25, 2014Gadgets News Update



How Samsung constructed its Galactic Empire

As the Galaxy S5 enters officialdom, Samsung is the largest smartphone maker in the world — presiding over an indomitable system kingdom. However how did a firm very best identified for Blu-ray gamers and TVs turn out to be the all-eclipsing superpower it is nowadays? In this unique episode of Adventures in Tech, we provide an explanation for the Galaxy technique, and inform the story of how Samsung solid its Galactic system empire. Press play now.

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Google’s Schmidt: We don’t (yet) have a connection inside your brain

February 25, 2014Gadgets News Update



Now not within you but.

(Credit score: The Blaze/YouTube screenshot by using Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

When I heard that Google’s Eric Schmidt had sat down to chat with a curiously trendy-looking Glenn Beck, I used to be hoping for questions like: “C’mon, Eric. Are you a commie?”

As a substitute, what ensued used to be a dialog about man and laptop attaining excellent solidarity, one thing that Lenin spectacularly failed to grasp.

Some would possibly suspect that, in Google’s eyes, such unity would contain Google being ready to regulate your arm as it reaches to scratch your head.

Schmidt, although, used to be at pains to put that thought to relaxation.

He stated: “Google does no longer have a connection within of your mind.”

Which doesn’t imply that it wouldn’t make Larry Web page sing Tosca in his self-riding Prius, will have to it ever come to cross.

Certainly, Schmidt then supplied this practice-up: “We’re now not that excellent. Possibly but. Possibly by no means.”

This uncharacteristic spurt of modesty definitely covers a burning want, you may think about, to flip people into the machines of the machines.

To this, Schmidt provided: “What we’re very just right at, if you seem to be at the AI is, we’re very excellent at having a look at historic patterns and, based totally on historic patterns, suggesting issues.”

Oh, sure. And simply as just right at with the exception of different issues. [Read more]

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Google’s Schmidt: We don’t (yet) have a connection inside your brain


First full trailer for HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ (with Steve Jobs joke)

February 24, 2014Gadgets News Update



Stunned at listening to a Steve Jobs funny story.

(Credit score: HBO/YouTube screenshot by using Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

One of the issues in making a comedy about Silicon Valley is that these in tech handle to make the Valley rather laughable with out any lend a hand.

It’s no longer as if the jokes write themselves. It’s that the protagonists are all too satisfied to write them for the target market.

The pleasure, due to this fact, for HBO’s new Mike Decide-helmed comedy “Silicon Valley” — premiering April 6 — is to someway make these jokes appear contemporary.

Not too long ago, HBO released a mini-trailer for this new exhibit, which printed that characters such as ladies may now not be taking part in a huge function in this probably “Entourage,” presumably “Ladies” rendering of existence in the digital cash pit.

Now, a longer trailer has been launched that deals extra (of the comparable) taste.

Right here we get a better style of Asperger-sort stereotypes, challenge capitalist wind, and coder frustration.

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This is what happens when a bird smashes a plane’s windshield

February 24, 2014Gadgets News Update




(Credit score: CNN/Courtesy Rob Weber screenshot by way of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

You’re flying alongside at 170mph in Florida’s chuffed skies.

Abruptly you have a gatecrasher. Or, reasonably, a windshield crasher.

In exceptional pictures taken from the cockpit through Rob Weber, the whole lot gave the impression to be going high-quality, ahead of it wasn’t.

As NBC 2 reports, Weber described his response when a chook crashed via his windshield as he flew towards Web page Box in Castle Myers, Fla.: panic

Extra Technically Flawed

One hears tales of hen … [Read more]

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This is what happens when a bird smashes a plane’s windshield


What if we become as stupid as machines?


Shallow HAL?

(Credit score: TheCussingChannel/YouTube screenshot through Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I’m informed that quickly a computing device will see to my each want.

Which is a aid, as my wants are many, my time is brief, and my tastes are variable and eclectic.

Or will that be the different approach round? Will we have to see to machines’ each want?

It’s onerous to inform at the second. Machines are pestering me to enable them to push issues on me — be it “higher” commercials or pushy push notifications. They need my tackle guide, all my e-mails, and please, please, can they have my picture album to exhibit all their different desktop pals.

The implication is that machines are simply right here to lend a hand me develop into a higher me and the laptop develop into a higher computer. Except the laptop is a higher me.

Then alongside trots famed nutrition-guzzler and Google close to-futurist Ray Kurzweil telling the Guardian that in a mere 15 years, machines will be smarter than folks.

Sure, they’ll get all the locations in our faculties and we’ll simply have to get jobs as laptop cleaners and screw-polishers.

This is a severe state of affairs. As MailChimp’s chief knowledge scientist John Foreman … [Read more]

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What if we become as stupid as machines?


Kids play with gadgets more than toys, study says



(Credit score: iPhoneulink/YouTube screenshot with the aid of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Why hassle twisting actual, plastic fingers when you can play twisting video games on an iPhone?

What’s the level of unpacking a board sport when you can alleviate boredom right away on an iPad?

Youngsters, you see, don’t want the trouble. They simply need rapid gratification. Sure, they’re little adults.

A learn about carried out through kid-training experts the Michael Cohen Group, suggests that contact monitors have overtaken all different types of playful satisfaction for children.

The research, which examined the world of Digital Youngsters, presentations that extra than 60 % of folks say their youngsters aged 12 and below play on contact monitors “ceaselessly.” And 38 % it seems that play “very frequently.”

May it be that at least 15 p.c don’t discuss to their oldsters at all?

These figures put the devices in advance of mainstay toys such as dolls, motion figures, puzzles, and board video games. Even building and blocks — that would imply Lego and the like — are some distance at the back of.

Welcome to the new world of play.

Michael Cohen, who led the analysis, … [Read more]

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Kids play with gadgets more than toys, study says