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Eating food off the floor may be OK, scientist says


Oh, no.

(Credit score: BillClintonCEO/YouTube screenshot through Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

We all have our ideas.

For some, it’s 5 seconds. For others, ten. And for college students, it tends to be measured in days.

Each time we drop meals on the flooring, we be aware of we’re taking a possibility via choosing it up once more and placing it in our mouths. However, neatly, it’s meals. And it wasn’t there for that lengthy.

A microbiologist took it upon himself to test simply how soiled meals will get when dropped on the ground.

Anthony Hilton of Aston College in Birmingham, UK, notion it may be instructive to are trying quite a lot of surfaces to see if what goes down can come upon once more intact.

He and his college students dropped toast, pasta, and sticky chocolates on more than a few flooring — carpet, laminate and tiled surfaces — for between three and 30 seconds. Then they ate them. No, wait. Then they examined them for micro organism.

Given that this analysis used to be taking place in my personal dwelling city, I involved for the outcomes.

What Hilton and his college students revealed is that the 5 seconds rule would possibly be acceptable. The longer meals stays on the flooring, the extra probably it is to entice organic nasties.

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LeBron James, Samsung rep, tweets rage at his Galaxy


LeBron from a Samsung advert.

(Credit score: Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by using Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

When you get mad, you get mad.

When you’re a well-known particular person, it’s your accountability to share your insanity. And if you need the immediacy of sharing simply how mad you are, you go to Twitter.

Slightly naturally, this is what LeBron James selected to do on Wednesday when his telephone phlegmed out and erased the whole thing he had on it.

As Business Insider reports, the Miami Warmth ahead instructed his 12 million followers: “My cellphone simply erased the whole lot it had in it and rebooted. One of the sickest emotions I’ve had in my existence!!!”

Oh, no(te).

(Credit score: LeBron James/Twitter)

Sympathy welled from Miami to Mogadishu. Unfortunately, some retweeted his ache and gloated.

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NASA asks citizen scientists to become ‘asteroid hunters’


If bad asteroids are found out, NASA could be in a position to plan asteroid-shooting expeditions.

(Credit score: Picture courtesy of NASA/JPL Close to-Earth Object Application Administrative center)

NASA is taking a look for citizen scientists to assist shop planet Earth.

The area company introduced Monday that it is launching an “Asteroid Knowledge Hunter” contest series to attain out to folks to lend a hand create algorithms to establish asteroids zooming round outer area. NASA will supply away $35,000 in awards to competitors winners.

Millions of asteroids are concept to be at present orbiting the solar and scientists need to be certain to determine as many of them as that you can think of. Why? So people don’t go the manner of the dinosaurs.

Whereas NASA deemed Earth safe last year from a huge asteroid that was once slated to hit the planet in 2036, there have been different close to misses and small-asteroid collisions over the previous few years. A prior to now undetected 20-meter asteroid crashed into Russia remaining yr with the power of 500,000 lots of TNT, which injured roughly 1,… [Read more]

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Bulletproof men’s suit blends Bruce Wayne style, Batman-worthy tech


In accordance to the producers, the Diamond Armor go well with is the world’s most dear males’s costume swimsuit. However it doesn’t get truly soiled, so there’s that.

(Credit score: Suitart)

Sartorially, Bruce Wayne indubitably had the existence. When he wasn’t on the job, he received to put on million-buck fits, thousand-greenback watches, and ties that price extra than a few hundred bucks. When he switched into Batman mode, he acquired to flaunt a slick cape, physique armor that made him seem ripped, and one hell of a belt. (Via the means, I’m speaking right here of the film reboots, now not so a lot the Adam West days.)

Now, a Zurich-based totally firm recognized as Suitart has developed a males’s go well with that combines a complete lot of Wayne model with an plentiful dose of “kapow!” It’s referred to as “Diamond Armor,” and for just right cause: the go well with material is embedded with 880 black diamonds; the lapels and stitching characteristic an extra 600 black diamonds with a complete weight of a hundred and forty carats; and the jacket buttons are made from metal embedded with even extra black beauties — 280 to be exact.

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At SXSW, thousands get a Kevin Bacon number of one


Actor Kevin Sir Francis Bacon spoke at SXSW about the 20-yr-previous sport Six Levels of Kevin 1st Baron Verulam.

(Credit score: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)

I now have a Kevin publisher 1st baron verulam quantity of one.

Technically, that’s no longer real. However given that I used to be in the target audience these days, alongside with at least a thousand different individuals at South by using Southwest (SXSW), listening to the well-known actor speaking about the now 20-yr-outdated Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon sport, I’m going to stake a declare to a ranking of one. With an asterisk.

In 1994, after looking at a couple Kevin Sir Francis Bacon motion pictures, Brian Turtle, alongside with pals Mike Ginelli and Craig Fass, determined to determine out how many connections it would take to get from actors like Robert De Niro to publisher 1st baron verulam. Ahead of lengthy, their little recreation went viral, and numerous folks knew what a Baron Verulam Quantity used to be: The quantity of connections between a particular actor and 1st baron beaverbrook. For De Niro, it’s one (they had been each in “Sleepers”); For Harrison Ford, it’s two; and for Sally Container, it’s two.

That’s why my quantity deserves an asterisk, of direction: I’m now not a performer, and I’ve by no means been in a movie or TV exhibit at all, let by myself with somebody who’s acted with Viscount St. Albans. However a whole bunch of others are, given that bacon has been in seventy eight completely different motion pictures and TV presentations.

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Useful! The drone with an 80,000-volt stun gun


And he’s down.

(Credit score: Fashionable Science/YouTube screenshot by way of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

In the midst of the youthful fireplace include of the future that is South through Southwest, it’s clean that somebody is pondering of the actual future.

This is a future the place books, sneakers, and vacuum cleaners will be flying towards your home, courtesy of Amazon drones.

It’s additionally a future in which a computing device may inform you that you’ve been a dangerous boy and punish you on the spot.

An invention exhibited via a design and construction firm known as Chaotic Moon (Motto 1: We Are Smarter Than You) supplied an instance of a attainable weapon for just right (or now not so excellent).

You would possibly suppose it a loving weapon, as it’s known as CUPID. In which case, you may assume love is a drone that can zap any person with eighty,000 volts from a flying stun gun.

eighty,000 volts would possibly no longer sound like all that so much. On the different hand, police tasers, ones that spawned the great phrase “Don’t tase me, bro,” would possibly simplest supply round 50,000 volts.

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In Austin, it’s South by South Westeros


One of Daenerys Targeryan’s dragons, from ‘Sport of Thrones.’ Daenerys is recognized as Mom of Dragons.

(Credit score: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)

AUSTIN, Tex.–Who would have recognized that coming to the Texas capital this week would provide up the likelihood to get up and shut with the fruits of Westeros?

Thanks to HBO, which is getting ready to debut Season four of “Game of Thrones,” attendees at South by way of Southwest (SXSW) are being handled to an exhibition of dozens of unique artifacts from the hit exhibit primarily based on the books through George R.R. Martin.

South by South Westeros comes to Austin (photos)

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Transformer-like suit lets you lift 110 pounds — with each hand


The “physique extender” from Italian engineers Percro. It may assist catastrophe staff clear rubble and would make for a nice recreation of Robotic Wars.

(Credit score: BBC video screenshot via Michael Franco/CNET)

It lets you elevate up to 220 kilos like you’re lifting a child. It has 22 completely different factors of motion. And it makes you seem to be a little like Optimus High. It’s the “physique extender” from Perceptual Robotics Laboratory in Italy. And it would make one hell of a Halloween costume.

The Percro engineers who invented the robotic exoskeleton say it’s the most refined wearable robotic developed to date. They say it might be used to support in catastrophe zones as wearers would be in a position to carry massive items of rubble off folks trapped through earthquake particles, although as of now, there’s no phrase on when it will be to be had. The contraption lets wearers raise up to a hundred and ten kilos with each and every hand.

“It’s a instrument that’s in a position to observe the advanced actions of the human physique, and additionally to expand the pressure of the consumer,” Fabio Selsedo from Percro told the BBC.

Wearable robotic fits aren’t new, of path.

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After Guidelight, night-lights may never be the same again


The Guidelight received’t interrupt your dwelling decor.

(Credit score: Snap Energy)

Plug-in night time-lights have hardly ever been lauded for the magnificence of their design. They are on a regular basis utilitarian-having a look devices or over-the-high foolish gizmos with Disney princesses on them.

The SnapRays Guidelight on Kickstarter takes a very totally different way. It replaces the duvet plate on an electrical outlet, however provides three down-going through LEDs. It requires no batteries or wiring to set up.

The Guidelight has a gentle sensor, so it handiest turns on when it’s darkish. It comes in two completely different kinds to match most retailers, although it doesn’t work with retailers that have GFI buttons. Snap Energy estimates that it prices much less than 10 cents per yr to run every Guidelight, and that the LEDs will have to closing up to 25 years.

The set up course of entails turning off the energy to an outlet, doing away with the outdated duvet plate, and snapping the Guidelight into situation. Two tabs on the bottom contact the outlet to draw energy for the LEDs. That manner your plugs keep open, no longer clogged up with night time-lights.

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Low Latency No. 89: Outdated driver


(Credit score: Blake Stevenson)

Low Latency is a weekly comedian on CNET’s Crave weblog written through CNET editor and podcast host Jeff Bakalar and illustrated with the aid of Blake Stevenson. Be certain to test Crave each Friday at eight a.m. PT for new panels! Need extra? Right here’s every Low Latency comic so far. [Read more]

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