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Crave Ep. 152: App lets you make music with a full symphony


App lets you make tune with a full symphony, Ep. 152

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iTunes (HD) quick can you clear up a Rubik’s dice? More than likely no longer as quick as the CubeStormer three Lego robotic, which simply set a new world report. We jam with Cadenza, an app out of Harvard that lets you play alongside with a full orchestra, and we get Superman’s POV the use of a drone, a inexperienced reveal, and some actually inventive video. All that and extra on this week’s Crave express.

Crave tales:

- Lego robot sets new Rubik’s Cube world record

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Crave Ep. 152: App lets you make music with a full symphony


Low Latency No. 91: Hurricane Morpheus heads to your living room


(Credit score: Blake Stevenson) Low Latency is a weekly comedian on CNET’s Crave weblog written via CNET editor and podcast host Jeff Bakalar and illustrated with the aid of Blake Stevenson. Be positive to test Crave each Friday at eight a.m. PT for new panels! Need extra? Right here’s every Low Latency comic so far. [Read more]

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Low Latency No. 91: Hurricane Morpheus heads to your living room


Food-gnashing compost container tops Grommet awards


Grind your approach thru your meals scraps.

(Credit score: Ecotonix)

The Ecotonix Green Cycler is a compost container for a new age. It doesn’t simply sit down round in your kitchen, silently protecting your vegetable scraps. It takes these scraps and eats them up, grinding them into little bits for quicker, extra handy composting in your compost bin. The Inexperienced Cycler was once simply honored as a winner of product-launch platform The Grommet’s product-pitch showdown, taking prime honors in the prepared-for-market class.

The $ninety nine Inexperienced Cycler first launched in 2012 and has long gone thru some updates considering then. It options a crank-powered set of shredder blades that grind meals waste down into a measurement that composts so much extra fast than large chunks.

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The different high product-pitch winner is Increment Studios’ O-Rings, a set of sensory finding out toys geared for sp… [Read more]

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Food-gnashing compost container tops Grommet awards


The Web out-Picassos itself: Welcome, sticky tape selfies



(Credit score:

Your three-yr-outdated nephew loves to pull faces, doesn’t he?

And he loves it when you pull faces too? In reality, you can spend entire hours simply pulling faces at every different and laughing.

You’re acquainted, with the aid of now, with the reality that the Internet is generally populated with the aid of three-12 months-olds. It was once best a subject of time and mind-sparking, due to this fact, ahead of pulling faces captured the digital world.

New, shiny, spark-stuffed hashtags such as #sellotapeselfie or merely #sellotape don’t only incorporate faces pulled with the aid of pure manner. No, they contain wrapping sticky tape round your head and seeing simply how shut to a Picasso you appear.

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Restaurant uses parachutes, PayPal to deliver sandwiches


A lady eliminates the parachute from her simply-landed “jaffle,” a toasted sandwich common in Australia.

(Credit score: Video screenshot through Michael Franco/CNET)

Waiters are so remaining century. These days, sushi is flown to your table by way of a quadcopter and beer is dropped out of the sky from an octocopter. Now, a new pop-up restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, has brought any other, albeit much less excessive-tech, means of meals supply: sandwiches that parachute a couple of tales down to buyers ready on the side road.

The novel nosh drop is the brainchild of David McDonald and Adam Supply, who make the toasted sandwiches, known as “jaffles,” after folks order and pay for them by way of PayPal on their Web site. The consumers then stand on an “X” on the sidewalk and wait for their meal to drop down like mana from heaven. The areas exchange, and buyers are stored up to date by the use of Fb. The firm is fittingly referred to as Jafflechutes.

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World’s largest TV, ‘Big Hoss,’ is as long as a jet


Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage seems on all the way through a February tour of the massive TV’s development.

(Credit score: Sarah Glenn/Getty Pictures for Texas Motor Speedway)

They say the whole thing’s larger in Texas, and now they have the TV to show it.

The “Large Hoss” TV was once grew to become on for the first time in entrance of a are living target market Wednesday evening at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fortress Value. The reveal, constructed through Panasonic, measures 218 toes broad by way of ninety four.6 ft tall. That method it’s longer than Boeing’s greatest 767 (the 400ER), and taller than a seven-story constructing. To put it in house electronics phrases, it’s a 2,852-inch TV. The show options 20,633.sixty four sq. toes of HD LED lights that broadcast four.eight million pixels and 281 trillion colours.

The TV has a one hundred forty-stage viewing perspective so it can be viewed through folks in a huge swath of seats at the Speedway, and it takes a crew of 5 folks to function it from inside the hooked up keep watch over room. The reveal is additionally allegedly ready to deal with wind speeds of up to one hundred twenty mph, as neatly as influences from projectiles like hail, one thing that used to be established by means of employees hitting golf balls at the LEDs, according to ESPN.

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Not tonight, darling, I’m online shopping


“No longer tonight, darling, I simply don’t need to hear to you.”

(Credit score: Amazon/YouTube screenshot by means of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I understand that Nancy Reagan all the time inspired us to “simply say no.”

However it’s no longer straightforward, is it? Some individuals can be terribly insistent, nagging even. Some can sulk or get aggressive.

Fortunately, it appears that American citizens have discovered a new method to inform their important others that they don’t have a vital temper for intercourse: they say they’re busy on-line procuring.

You may suppose I’m making it up. And I would possibly suppose that individuals who create these surveys are making it up too.

All I can inform you is that the cashback rewards website online EBates commissioned TNS to operate a learn about amongst 1,000 American adults that emitted interesting conclusions.

Some 10 p.c of ladies say they use their cellular gadgets — and the excuse of buying on them — to deter their enthusiasts from getting amorous.

However right here’s the nugget that may astound even extra: thirteen % of males admitted to doing the related factor.

I confess that I hadn’t thought to be on-line buying as a way of expressing thoughts towards any other individual. I surely couldn’t think about telling a lover that I wasn’t feeling carnal as a result of I was once attempting to make a decision which pair of camel boots to purchase.

And you’ll forgive me, I hope, if I point out that survey respondents … [Read more]

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Not tonight, darling, I’m online shopping


Bear Simulator: Take the world in your paw


(Credit score: Farjay Studios)

There’s a category that’s critically beneath-represented when it comes to video video games, at all times the mob, by no means the protagonist. We are, of route, referring to the wonderful, noble undergo. Whereas the endure now and again will get a appear-in — World of Warcraft and Enviro-Bear being two outstanding examples — extra incessantly than no longer, the terrible misunderstood endure is handled as an enemy to be punched.

Thankfully, one courageous recreation is trying to redress the steadiness — by way of combining it with one of our favorite genres ever, the simulation.

“A few video games in the earlier obtained it proper and have been rewarded with common reward, particularly Banjo-Kazooie and Enviro-Undergo, however there [haven't] been many stable, moderately life like undergo simulation video games (if at all). That’s the place this comes in,” one-man developer Farjay Studios explains on the recreation’s Kickstarter web page. “Positive it could appear like a ‘dumb concept’ or a ‘in reality dumb thought’ however you can’t in truth inform me you’ve by no means secretly needed to be a endure wandering round the woodland. That’s simply an outright lie.”<... [Read more]

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Bear Simulator: Take the world in your paw


Dancing with the ‘Star Wars’: Billy Dee Williams cha-chas as Lando


Actor Billy Dee Williams channeled Lando Calrissian with his crowd-fascinating “Superstar Wars” cha-cha pursuits for his “Dancing with the Stars” debut.

(Credit score: ABC)

Shimmying stormtroopers. R2-D2 beeping to disco tune. Lando Calrissian taking Princess Leia for a spin on the dance flooring. Whereas it sounds like one of the gaming ranges in “Famous person Wars Kinect,” this was once the “Dancing with the Stars” debut of actor Billy Dee Williams and his dance associate Emma Slater.

Dressed in a costume reminiscent of his position as Lando Calrissian, Williams started the cha-cha quantity flanked through stormtroopers and introduced by way of a beeping R2-D2. His dancing associate donned a costume inspired by Princess Leia’s metal bikini in “Return of the Jedi,” as smartly as her well-known hair buns.

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‘Smart tags’ can sense when food or medicine go bad


The inexperienced tag on the container signifies that the product within is no longer recent.

(Credit score: Chao Zhang)

What if you by no means had to do a scent check for spoiled milk once more? As a substitute of having to take a whiff of the bitter liquid, you might simply test the shade of a small tag positioned on the container.

This is precisely what researchers at Peking College in Beijing, China, are working on: coloration-coded “sensible tags.”

These corn kernel-sized tags can be caught to containers of meals or medication and have the capabilities of figuring out whether or not the meals has long gone unhealthy or if the drugs are nonetheless lively. What’s extra, these tags will reportedly price much less than one penny each and every.

“This tag, which has a gel-like consistency, is actually less expensive and secure, and can be extensively programmed to mimic virtually all ambient-temperature deterioration techniques in meals,” lead researcher Chao Zhang mentioned in a statement.

Whereas most meals and medication have expiration labels, infrequently merchandise are subjected to unanticipated excessive temperatures that might lead to early spoiling. Zhang mentioned the good tags may even take these kinds of variables into account. The shade-coding on the tags would point out the high quality of the meals or medic… [Read more]

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‘Smart tags’ can sense when food or medicine go bad