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Apple store now an Apple bore?


What else can Apple speak about?

(Credit score: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I’d heard Apple outlets have been in critical hassle.

According to the Wall Street Journal, they glow much less brightly. The Atlantic adds: “It could be the finish of the Apple retailer as we recognize it.”

How had I neglected this? Apple outlets had at all times appeared the related to me — so full of people that I don’t really want to spend too long in there.

May it be that through now not launching one thing magical and modern nowadays, this used to be an evil scheme to make the outlets extra first-rate to be in?

So on the method again from a rather social Saturday night time (and Sunday morning), I wandered into my native Apple retailer in Northern California simply to see whether or not the partitions have been echoing with the sound of nothingness.

It used to be simply earlier than midday. It used to be three-quarters full of folks. Sure, there was once nonetheless house round the iPad minis. Few individuals had been fondling iPhone 5s.

In any other case, it used to be hubbub as typical. Shop for the lack of … [Read more]

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Apple store now an Apple bore?


‘Nightvision’ shows Europe’s spectacular architecture after dark


An picture of the Berliner Dom, one of the many incredible attractions viewed in “Nightvision.”

(Credit score: Luke Shepard)

Have you ever considered Europe’s magical architectural masterpieces? If you’ve by no means seen any of these structures, or possibly viewed simply a few, an superb video known as “Nightvision” provides you the visible tour of a lifetime. The quick movie bounces between remarkable middle of the night views of monuments such as the towering Colosseum in Rome and the Tower Bridge in London.

After elevating nearly $20,000 on Kickstarter for “Nightvision,” Director Luke Shepard and Assistant Director Henry Farrow Miller spent three months photographing 36 cities in 21 European nations. Their intention? Create an inspirational exploration of European constructions, monuments, and landmarks in a new and distinctive manner.

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LG gets back to superphones with G2


The G2 unveiling in New York as of late.

(Credit score: CNET)

NEW YORK — LG on Wednesday unveiled its new G2 smartphone to take on Apple, Samsung, and different Android cellphone makers.

The hardware specs are high-of-the-line, with the G2 carrying a 5.2-inch full HD show and operating on a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The G2 is the first world tool to embody Qualcomm’s best-finish chip. The software additionally is LTE-Developed able, permitting for sooner wi-fi speeds in locations like Korea. The U.S. doesn’t but have the sooner community.

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Possibly the most major distinction from different gadgets is the place of the extent and energy buttons. The three buttons have been positioned on the again of the cellphone relatively than their standard region on the facet of the software. LG stated that its rear key design got here from research that confirmed that th… [Read more]

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LG gets back to superphones with G2


Concept kitchen gadget grows fly larvae for dinner


How do you like your larvae cooked?

(Credit score: Katharina Ungel)

“Insect larvae — it’s what’s for dinner!” That may just now not be the most appetizing catchphrase you’ll ever hear, however it sounds completely cheap to Katharina Ungel, an Austrian industrial dressmaker.

Ungel has dreamed up Farm 432, a kitchen equipment that lets folks develop and harvest larvae.

She sees larvae as a low-impression different to meat manufacturing. Bugs are an essential protein supply in some areas of the world, although that sounds a little peculiar to individuals in locations the place quick meals eating places and large grocery outlets are the norm.

The Farm 432 idea makes use of black soldier fly larvae due to the excessive protein content material. The adults don’t require meals and the larvae can be fed on bio waste. It takes 432 hours to flip 1 gram of fly eggs into 2.four kilograms of suitable for eating malicious program meat. The equipment would host the bugs as the eggs flip into adults and lay a recent batch of larvae for your dinner plate.

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CO2ube filters out carbon dioxide from your tailpipe


Rein in your automobile’s carbon dioxide emissions.

(Credit score: Ecoviator)

Carbon dioxide emissions have been linked to all kinds of environmental ills. Enhancements in automotive design is serving to the problem, however the CO2ube Kickstarter project needs to take carbon dioxide filtration to any automotive on the street.

The CO2ube attaches onto the finish of your tailpipe the usage of hose clamps. A aggregate of algae and sodium hydroxide filters out the carbon dioxide as it exits from your automobile.

A single CO2ube is going for a pledge value of $forty five. The firm in the back of the product, Ecoviate, has created working prototypes and is having a look to produce the software in amount. A smartphone app is additionally supposed to accompany the CO2ube. The app would let you monitor your emissions over time.

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CO2ube filters out carbon dioxide from your tailpipe


Meet e-David, the robot that paints


(Credit score: Video screenshot by using Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

We frequently name a robotic that can produce pictures a printer, however e-David is unique. Created with the aid of a crew at the College of Konstanz in Germany, E-David is a painter bot — no longer the form that spray-paints auto parts, however the extra creative selection.

E-David doesn’t come up with pictures on its personal, however as a substitute takes a image of what it desires to reproduction and takes it from there. It doesn’t have to be programmed with guidance that inform it how to paint, both; it makes use of one thing referred to as “visible optimization” to make its personal choices. After every brush stroke, e-David takes a image, and its instrument calculates whether or not the picture desires to be lightened or darkened, and the place.

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“We outfitted a usual robotic with all essential approach for portray,” the staff mentioned. “5 completely different brushes can be used, coloration can be chosen from a repository with 24 colours, brushes can be cleaned, and colours can be d… [Read more]

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Meet e-David, the robot that paints


Proclaim your independence with this laser Gatling gun


(Credit score: Patrick Priebe )

Satisfied Fourth of July! High-tech listening devices are making it tougher and more difficult to get away with celebratory gunfire on Independence Day, however what if you have a laser gun? Or higher but, a laser Gatling gun?

Ultimate time we caught up with laser craftsman Patrick Priebe, we had been blown away by way of his functional Iron Man gauntlet. Now he’s unveiled a laser Gatling gun, and it is blindingly superior. Actually.

The prototype gun has a rotating barrel of six Category four Arctic laser modules from Depraved Lasers. When it spins, it sends out a tube of laser mild that can vaporize a balloon virtually right away. Wouldn’t that go completely with fireworks?

The laser Gatling additionally has a shiny inexperienced Krypton laser for focused on.

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One reason Apple is hard to beat


MacBook Professional Retina thirteen on the proper. It’s a extremely subtle design — although I didn’t consider that at first.

(Credit score: Apple)

Apple merchandise aren’t excellent, however they get a lot nearer than most.

As an instance of Apple’s success in this house, let’s seem to be at one explicit product.

I selected the thirteen-inch MacBook Professional Retina as a result of it appears, at first blush, uncharacteristically pedestrian and unrefined for an Apple product. However for me it was once a lesson in seeing thru the reputedly unremarkable look.

When I first noticed the Retina Professional thirteen at an Apple retailer, I recoiled. It didn’t appear to have the common Apple panache or design boldness. And it was once thicker — regardless of being smaller — than the 15.four-inch Professional Retina.

Who at Apple inexperienced-lighted this design? No doubt now not Steve Jobs. He would’ve unceremoniously fired the design staff. That used to be my intestine response.

I was once improper. (And sure, Jobs would’ve given a nod to the design.) After the use of the thirteen-inch Retina Professional, a 2012 MacBook Air, a Dell XPS thirteen, and Microsoft’s Floor Professional (which I imagine a pc) for lengthy stretches, I’ve determined the Professional comes out on prime.

In truth, I now consider that the thirteen-inch Retina Professional is a case learn about in how moderately Apple calibrates designs.

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One reason Apple is hard to beat


Explore 360-degree 3D models of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Which one do you fancy?

(Credit score: Picture by way of Christopher MacManus/CNET)

Even if you’ve viewed a plethora of pictures and movies displaying the Xbox One and PlayStation four from each that you can think of attitude, the following excessive-high quality 3D renders, with 360-level pan and zoom, supply you a fuller impact of each and every console.

The use of modeling packages like Blender and Maya, designers JC Volumic and Sylvain Bernard created very correct 3D renders of the Xbox One and PlayStation four. The interactive expertise, hosted on Sketchfab, lets you test out simply about each imaginable perspective of the two extremely expected gaming units. Most up to date smartphones will have to be in a position to view these renders, too.

Right here’s the PlayStation four:

And the Xbox One:

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Explore 360-degree 3D models of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Bad day? Hide from the world in this privacy-pod recliner


The Massaud Cover can make it all go away.

(Credit score: Screenshot with the aid of Tim Hornyak/CNET)

When the whole thing is going pear-formed and you need to get away to Mars, simply think about you had this quirky piece of furnishings.

The Massaud Canopy is like a private refuge in your place of job or residing room. Simply bounce into the recliner, yank the hood down, and poof! The world is long past.

Lately proven off at NeoCon 2013 in Chicago, the chair appears like a combine between an previous-faculty hooded hair dryer and this disaster escape pod from Japan.

Designed with the aid of Jean-Marie Massaud for Coalesse, the Cover is billed as “a modern step ahead in conversation and house utilization.” Now that is thrilling.

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Bad day? Hide from the world in this privacy-pod recliner