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Crazy ants learn to neutralize fire ants’ deadly venom

February 14, 2014Gadgets News Update



Loopy are scared of no one. Even greater ants.

(Credit score: College of Texas/ YouTube screenshot via Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It appears handiest acceptable that as individuals turn into crazier, ants must too.

So I carry information of the insect world mirroring the route of human construction, as it heads towards the countless cliff.

As soon as upon a time, fireplace ants blazed a path via all that they encountered. Venomous little issues, they engendered concern like Viking marauders.

Then alongside got here loopy ants. These, delightfully named Nylanderia fulva got here from Argentina and Brazil. They tangoed and sambaed their approach throughout to the United States.

If you are living in southern areas, you may have encountered them in very shut proximity, as they are identified to crawl into iPhones and mess with them severely.

Alternatively, they now have a new trick. They can neutralize the venom of the hearth ant.

No, of path you shouldn’t take my phrase for it. As a substitute, please observe the above video from the College of Texas in Austin.

The scientists there are delighted to have observed how artful the crazies have develop into. (You no doubt should recognize one or two of the human similar.)

When they come into… [Read more]

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Crazy ants learn to neutralize fire ants’ deadly venom


Bye-bye Flappy Bird — popular game grounded by its creator


Makes an attempt to obtain Flappy Fowl at Apple’s App Retailer consequence in a message that the recreation is unavailable.

(Credit score: Screenshot through Steven Musil/CNET)

Flappy Hen was once eliminated from app shops on Sunday, simply hours after its creator warned that the common recreation’s dying used to be nigh.

The free smartphone sport for iOS and Android took the mobile market by storm, reportedly incomes $50,000 in advert income each and every day. Flappy Hen had been obtain upwards of 50 million instances and earned forty seven,000 critiques on the App Retailer.

After Flappy Chicken secured the No. 1 spot on the App Retailer and Google Play Retailer late final month, a few media shops tried to give an explanation for our fascination with the advert-primarily based tapping recreation, which sported a pixelated artwork model impressed by means of Tremendous Mario Bros. On the other hand, all that consideration proved too so much for Dong Nguyen, the app’s creator.

Nguyen tweeted Saturday that he would dispose of the sport from the app shops on Sunday, pronouncing that he used to be overwhelmed via the sport’s success: [Read more]

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Bye-bye Flappy Bird — popular game grounded by its creator


Learn to exercise like an astronaut


(Credit score: Video screenshot by means of Michelle Starr/CNET)

Going into area does havoc on the human physique.

One of the largest issues is muscle atrophy. When the physique isn’t working towards the forces of gravity to transfer, or even keep upright, thereby placing weight on the muscle groups of the legs and again, these muscle tissue can waste away lovely quick. To fight this, astronauts in house have to work out for two hours a day to preserve their muscle mass in take a look at.

As you can see in the video under of astronaut Colonel Michael Hopkins coaching aboard the World Area Station, it’s lovely extreme.

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If you’d like to be in a position to do what he does, Colonel Hopkins will be taking to Google+ on Thursday, February 6, at 9:15 a.m. PT to share some of his astronaut-coaching guidelines. He’ll be joined by way of fellow astronaut Rick Mastracchio, and the pair will be st… [Read more]

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Learn to exercise like an astronaut


Buy the only camera to go to the moon and back (allegedly)


Jim Irwin and the Lunar Roving Car on the floor of the moon right through Apollo 15.

(Credit score: NASA/David Scott)

NASA despatched 14 handheld cameras alongside on its manned lunar landings of the late Sixties and early Seventies, however most effective one of them made it again to Earth — or at least that’s what the Austrian public sale home that’s placing it up for bids subsequent month is claiming.

Vienna-primarily based WestLicht says that astronaut Jim Irwin took precisely 299 footage on the moon all through the Apollo 15 mission with the Hasselblad 500 “EL Information Digicam” that will begin with an preliminary bid of eighty,000 euros ($108,136) at public sale on March 22.

The Hasselblad 500 from Apollo 15.

(Credit score: WestLicht)

Apollo 15 took situation in the summer season of 1971 and is regarded as one of the extra a hit Apollo missions — it’s the one the place astronauts have been ready to cruise round the floor of the moon in a lunar roving automobile for the first time.

The majority of cameras taken to the moon on Apollo missions have been left there due to weight restrictions. NASA notion it extra essential to carry again specimens of moon rocks and different samples than extra selfies of the complete planet taken by way of what may be regarded as a very lengthy arm prolonged out fro… [Read more]

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Buy the only camera to go to the moon and back (allegedly)


Giant robot invades Blue Willow plates for geeky dinnerware


The robotic invasion of tea time has begun.

(Credit score: Don Moyer)

Few issues are extra traditional and stately than a good, sedate set of Blue Willow plates. They exude excellent style and an appreciation for historical past. They’re the type of plates upon which you would serve an assortment of tea sandwiches. However the Blue Willow world is now beneath assault. By means of a large robotic. Run for your lives!

Artist Don Moyer’s Calamityware dinner plate Kickstarter project is turning custom on its head with a plate that modifications out the universal Blue Willow scene of two enthusiasts for a catastrophe scene involving a one-eyed robotic.

The exchange is refined sufficient to get away detection with a fast look, however a extra special find out about finds the robotic in the side motif and a apprehensive human taking a look up at the bot.

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A single 10.seventy five-inch porcelain plate goes for a $25 pledge. You can feed a crowd with six plates for $a hundred thirty. The plates are meals-, dishwasher-, and microwave-saf… [Read more]

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Giant robot invades Blue Willow plates for geeky dinnerware


Apple store using sniffers to combat B.O.?


Getting sniffy?

(Credit score: Oliver Eisermann/YouTube screenshot via Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Have you observed that now not everybody cares too so much about the scent they emit?

Do you recoil at occasions when you stroll earlier an it appears first-class-having a look particular person, as the olfactory expertise they incite would possibly name for fumigation?

I confess that one position the place this would possibly be an excessive drawback is the Apple retailer.

Apple outlets are so full of humanity at most instances of the day. One has to squeeze thru, in order to venerate a product or two.

A document suggests that Apple is mindful of this moderately smelly drawback. Rocco Pendola of the Street says that the very good Apple retailer on 1/3 Side road in Santa Monica, Calif., has a horrific B.O. difficulty.

He says two Apple retailer workers verified to him that the retailer is pungent.

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iPhone catches fire, teen girl burned


A shot from the college’s Net web site.

(Credit score: Screenshot with the aid of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It’s now not one thing you can ever are expecting.

It used to be 7:forty a.m. in the Heart Faculty of the Kennebunks in Maine. A teen woman sat down in her school room.

Then she heard a pop emanating from her again pocket. As Seacoast Online reports, prior to she knew it, her again pocket seemed to be on hearth. She then reportedly fell to the floor, rolled, and tried to get out of her pants.

A trainer grabbed a blanket and fellow college students tried to assist.

The perpetrator is mentioned to have been her iPhone. Pictures counsel it had caught fireplace.

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Get vertigo: Relive Felix Baumgartner’s epic space jump in video


Felix Baumgartner exits his pill at round 128,000 toes.

(Credit score: Crimson Bull Stratos)

“There it is. There’s the world out there.”

It’s been a nice day for writing about views of the Earth from excessive, excessive above our beautiful planet.

First, there was once information of the Global Space Balloon Challenge, an tutorial competitors to construct and launch excessive-altitude balloons that will take situation in April. And now comes prolonged video (see under) from Felix Baumgartner’s amazing space jump in October, 2012, when he leaped from 128,097 toes for a period of 9 minutes and three seconds (the freefall component of the soar lasted four minutes and 19 seconds). All through the descent, he went supersonic for a few seconds, hitting upward of 800 mph. However now not sooner than he received his first unobstructed view of the planet the first time he stepped outdoor his tablet and mentioned the above phrases.

Thanks to … [Read more]

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Get vertigo: Relive Felix Baumgartner’s epic space jump in video


Lego Bill Murray prayers answered: ‘Ghostbusters’ set coming


This is the fan-made model of the Ecto-1.

(Credit score: Brent Waller)

Have a good time, all you youngsters of the ’80s, all you Invoice Murray enthusiasts, all you who have sewn deep into the night time to create a “Ghostbusters” jumpsuit costume. The bigwigs at Lego are smiling down on you, and giving you an providing in the kind of greenlighting a fan-designed “Ghostbusters” set.

Lego tinkerer Brent Waller put collectively a variation for a “Ghostbusters” set in honor of the movie’s thirtieth anniversary this 12 months. He constructed minifigs, the Ectomobile, and the ghost hunters’ headquarters constructing. He actually nailed Invoice Murray’s hairline for the minifig. The mission went up for vote on Lego’s fan web page CUUSOO, the place it received 10,000 supporters, sufficient to get Lego to seem at making it reliable, which it did.

The thirtieth anniversary set had some critical competitors from different fan tasks, together with a set of feminine scientist minifigs and a rival “Ghostbusters” introduction. The constructing received’t be integrated in the last set, however at least the minifigs and Ecto-1 automotive are slated for manufacturing. Lego is nonetheless considering whether or not to make the feminine minifig set. These sensible science girls would make a excellent foil for the goofy “Ghostbusters” guys.

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Porsche’s 1898 e-car returns after a century in storage


It seems steampunk, however it’s truly an electrical automobile.

(Credit score: Porsche)

On June 26, 1898, Ferdinand Porsche’s “Egger-Lohner C.2 electrical automobile,” higher identified as the “P-1,” rolled on to the streets of Vienna for the first time. In 1899, the P-1 took the gold medal (by using a full 18 minutes!) towards a box of different electrical automobiles in Berlin. Then in 1902, as Porsche put the first all-wheel force passenger automobile into manufacturing, the P-1 used to be parked in a warehouse…the place it sat untouched for the subsequent 111 years.

After lacking two world wars, the whole Berlin Wall generation, and six “Quick and Livid” flicks right through the intervening eleven a long time, Porsche says in a release (PDF) the P-1 has now been recovered and is on everlasting show, unrestored, at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

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