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Galaxy S5: How Samsung built its Galactic Empire (video)

February 25, 2014Gadgets News Update



How Samsung constructed its Galactic Empire

As the Galaxy S5 enters officialdom, Samsung is the largest smartphone maker in the world — presiding over an indomitable system kingdom. However how did a firm very best identified for Blu-ray gamers and TVs turn out to be the all-eclipsing superpower it is nowadays? In this unique episode of Adventures in Tech, we provide an explanation for the Galaxy technique, and inform the story of how Samsung solid its Galactic system empire. Press play now.

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Voyce: Don’t call it ‘Fitbit for dogs’


Maintain a nearer eye on your canine-buddy.

(Credit score: Amanda Kooser/CNET)

LAS VEGAS — A colleague leaned over to me in the CNET double-broad at CES and requested if I had considered the Voyce, a device for canine. There was once one thing about coronary heart fee and knowledge assortment. Ah, I mentioned, like a Fitbit for canine? So I went to test it out. Jeff Noce is the man in the back of Voyce and I can inform he’s drained of listening to that Fitbit-for-canines comparability, and he’s proper. It’s no longer.

Voyce is a good collar stuffed with sensors that display task and relaxation ranges, energy, coronary heart charge, and respiratory charge. That information is amassed over Wi-Fi, with the tool desiring to be charged as soon as a week for 4 hours at a time. You can monitor traits over time and share the data with your vet. For instance, coronary heart fee can be a clue that your canine is in ache. It can be like an early warning device for getting your pup to the doc.

The collar itself prices $299 and works with a $15 month-to-month subscription machine that helps you make feel of the information and feeds you skilled data on canine themes like coaching and well being care. The content material is all personalized to the breed and age of your fuzzy chum. It could sound a little expensive, except you begin to calculate how a lot you in most cases spend on pet care, treats, puppy sweaters, and chunk toys. Pooch-pamperers are the possible goal audi… [Read more]

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Voyce: Don’t call it ‘Fitbit for dogs’


For Pleo the robot dinosaur, a second act in an American life


A child is received over by using Pleo the robotic dinosaur at CES 2014.

(Credit score: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)

LAS VEGAS — It was once an unforgettable scene: A crowd of smiling folks gathered round a desk on the exhibit ground observing a charming, animated, and reasonable inexperienced robotic dinosaur referred to as Pleo for the first time.

Was once this CES 2014? No, it used to be Maker Faire Austin 2007, and Pleo was once eventually having its public coming out birthday celebration after first being unveiled at the Demo conference in early 2006.

Wait, although. It was once CES 2014. Certainly, if you stroll the flooring of the Robotics part of the large client electronics exchange exhibit right here this week, you’ll see Pleo, as charming and real looking (and inexperienced) as ever, warming the hearts of the numerous folks strolling by means of who had by no means considered it ahead of.

However right here’s the factor. Whereas Pleo made very large waves in 2007 and 2008 when its producer Ugobe introduced it out, it quickly pale from view, sufferer of a horrible economic system and Ugobe’s failure as a potential trade. So what is the lovable dinosaur — now additionally wearing crimson or blue pores and skin — doing on the ground of the Las Vegas Conference Heart all these years later, being offered as if it is a model-new product, and certainly convincing many that it is?

Pleo the robotic dinosaur a… [Read more]

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For Pleo the robot dinosaur, a second act in an American life


Gaming exoskeleton to pair with Oculus Rift headset at CES 2014


The PrioVR full-physique monitoring go well with will be paired with the Oculus Rift’s immersive headset at CES 2014 for an remarkable digital fact expertise.

(Credit score: Nick Statt/CNET)

The future of gaming, at least to these banking on the upward push of digital fact, lies no longer simply with higher images or voice keep an eye on, however with sensor fits and headsets that convey our actual-world actions to lifestyles onscreen. At CES 2014, the PrioVR full-physique monitoring swimsuit is on show and the firm at the back of it, YEI Expertise, is partnering with VR headset maker Oculus Rift to showoff a totally immersive gaming expertise later this week.

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Hapifork revisited: Bluetooth vibrating smart fork aims to coach you back to health

December 14, 2013Gadgets News Update



Hapifork, the Bluetooth vibrating well being fork: fingers-on with the oddest health device

Keep in mind that the Hapifork? Again in January, it used to be one of the extra outstanding — and offbeat — merchandise to be presented at CES 2013. The little vibrating fork, which aimed to lend a hand you keep watch over your consuming with the aid of timing time between bites, ended up on a lot of TV displays and information blurbs. However the place did it go? At remaining, as 2013 comes to a shut, we have one right here at CNET to are trying out. (Credit score: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Hapifork, which launched on Kickstarter prior this yr and now is to be had solely at Brookstone, is, smartly…a vibrating Bluetooth fork. And it’s an dear one at that: $ninety nine.ninety nine. The tool pairs with an Android or iOS instrument to ship remarks, can be USB synced to a PC or Mac, and has a constructed-in accelerometer to observe hand movement. In one of two modes — Alarm, or Instruction — it considerations vibrational remarks and a glowing purple or inexperienced mild at the finish of its deal with to inform you whether or not you timed your bites correctly. (Credit score: Sarah Tew/CNET)

What does “time your bites” imply? Principally, it method ready ten seconds between bites. The Hapifork counts, and measures a hand movement registering a chew: the second meals enters your mouth and completes a circui… [Read more]

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Hapifork revisited: Bluetooth vibrating smart fork aims to coach you back to health


Four iOS weather apps that exude elegance


(Credit score: CNET)

It wasn’t very lengthy in the past that for a developer to make a a success climate app, it had to have the most knowledge that you can think of. This supposed builders would compete to percent heaps of graphs, maps, diagrams, written forecasts, and even boards the place individuals might speak about climate, into busy, complicated apps that tried to duvet it all. However what you ended up with had been lengthy listlike menus when the most effective knowledge you more than likely wished was once what the climate would possibly be like for the weekend.

Don’t get me mistaken, the characteristic-packed climate apps have their location, in particular when you’re monitoring hurricanes, tornadoes, and different probably disastrous climate techniques. However just lately there has been a transfer towards minimalist design to carry you the climate at a look, and some in point of fact based apps have sprung forth in the class.

As the climate begins to get hotter right here in San Francisco, I determined to spherical up 4 of my favorites to assist you get climate data at a look whereas you proceed on your busy (or enjoyable) day.

Blue is the most easy climate app of the bunch, however it’s simply proper for these who need to look quick.

(Credit score: Jason Parker/CNET)

Blue (ninety nine cents) is nice for a fast 36-hour outlook for native climate … [Read more]

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Four iOS weather apps that exude elegance


Phew! Britain has anti-alien weapons


Will it be frightening?

(Credit score: Windsor Adams/Flickr (with permission) )

I’ve turn out to be a bit of a worrier of late.

No longer as a result of I fear about the coming election, Home windows eight, or issues that appear to transfer in my fridge.

No, it’s the concept that with man proving he can leap in from outer space, outer-spaceans would possibly are attempting to do the comparable.

I am certain that our govt will need to reassure us. I understand that President Obama has informed NASA to call him the minute aliens land.

However how can we probably protect towards outerworld beings? We don’t appear terribly excellent at defeating inter-world ones.

Fortunately, I deliver excellent information: the Brits will shop the world.

MSN News brings me fine details from a man who labored at Britain’s Ministry of Protection for 21 years.

Nick Pope — for this is his identify — informed MSN:

We do have a couple of prototype airplane and drones and different weapons you gained’t see on the information for every other 10-15 years so if we did face a chance from the… [Read more]

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Phew! Britain has anti-alien weapons


Microsoft’s IE9 suffers vicious parody treatment


Oh pricey, oh expensive.

(Credit score: WorldWide Interweb/YouTube screenshot by means of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET )

If you’ve been staring at the occasional carrying experience today, you may have viewed — and even loved — the IE9 advert that appears to have been round for a little whereas.

You should understand the one: willfully dynamic, pulsatingly highly effective, it unearths all the excellent evaluations that this tremendous browser has loved.

And but you’d bet that anyone would come alongside and, as they say in England, take the piss.

So right here is a model of the IE9 advert, full with the authentic tune — Alex Clare’s “Too Shut” — that suggests the browser may lead to a furrowed forehead.

Created with the aid of WorldWide Interweb, who do this so that cats can reside, this model bargains that there may be some sticking factors with IE9.

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Dear iPad pedestrians, this has to stop


Is the alleged iPad Mini namely designed for self-absorbed pedestrians?

In my function as Secretary for Apocalypse Avoidance, infrequently it’s onerous to be variety.

Occasionally, you see, humanity decides to do issues at which even Beelzebub would possibly flip up his crimson nostril.

And so it was once, remaining evening, as I used to be strolling up San Francisco’s Market Boulevard that I found out a pattern I had but to witness.

It was once simply prior to 6 o’clock in the night and I used to be on my means to a rendezvous with a deeper future, when a man virtually walked headlong into me.

This used to be strange, as a result of San Francisco has moderately extensive sidewalks and somewhat few individuals. This is no longer Long island.

And but this naturally complicated human had made up our minds he would stroll to the subway — or to his hydroponic acupressure session — whereas studying his iPad.

Certainly, the quilt used to be well unwrapped, forming a little stand so that, most likely, he discovered it more uncomplicated to snatch.

It’s unquestionably one factor when folks stroll alongside maintaining their cell telephones. Although as soon as upon a time, I would bump into these lost souls in Manhattan — actually and intentionally, to see if they’d wake up from the self-founded myopia — now it appears quite commonplace.

Now not best precisely, however commonplace. Like a mendacity realtor.

It’s as if cell cellphone pedestrians have taken out their little mirr… [Read more]

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Dear iPad pedestrians, this has to stop


This week in Crave: The profitable edition


Too busy tweeting again and forth with Big Bird this week to maintain up with Crave? Snuggle up with us underneath a Pac-Man blanket and we’ll capture you up on what you neglected.

Click on-clack: It’s a horse made from outdated keyboard keys.

(Credit score: Babis Panagiotidis )

– There’s 24-karat gold in them thar labs! And, it seems that, in the “Gangnam Style” meme. However will Psy settle for fee in “Star Wars” coins?

– This is one Trojan horse you surely won’t want to get rid of.

– Supply us a giant squeeze, Like-A-Hug vest!

– No longer one single “oops” tweete… [Read more]

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This week in Crave: The profitable edition