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Is Facebook contributing to eating disorders?


Too a lot time on Fb can impact physique picture says new learn about from Florida State College.

(Credit score: Flickr,Tanel Teemusk)

Over the years, Fb has been blamed for despair, isolation, jealousy, and basic dissatisfaction. Now a researcher has delivered every other that you can think of purpose to “dislike” the usage of the social-media website: it may make a contribution to consuming problems.

Pamela K. Keel , a professor of psychology at Florida State College, made that decision after surveying 960 faculty-aged ladies. Keel divided the college students into two teams: one staff spent 20 minutes in their personal Fb universe, and the different learn about the ocelot on Wikipedia, then watched a video clip about the cute rainforest cat on YouTube. Each teams of college students have been suggested no longer to browse different Internet websites.

Keel advised Crave that the “girls who spent 20 minutes on Fb suggested higher repairs of weight and form issues and larger will increase in nervousness in comparison to girls in the keep an eye on situation, which demonstrates that Fb is influencing smartly-dependent consuming dysfunction chance elements.” Her outcomes had been revealed in the … [Read more]

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Is Facebook contributing to eating disorders?


Here’s what Mars looks like during its spring thaw


The darkish spots are south-going through slopes.

(Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona)

If you need to get in some snowboarding on Mars, you had higher hurry up and get over there. The planet is already busy thawing out for springtime. NASA released an image taken by using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in mid-January exhibiting sand dunes from the northernmost reaches of Mars as they start to shed their wintry weather coats.

As a substitute of snow, the dunes are coated with carbon dioxide ice, higher identified on Earth as “dry ice,” the stuff you throw in a punch bowl for a Halloween birthday party.

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In the photograph, the white elements are the dry ice protection and the massive darkish swathes are the south-going through slopes that are getting warmed up through the solar. It’s now not a lot completely different than what occurs on our planet when the seasons trade. Mars is, alternatively, spared the oncoming blast of spring hypersensitivity season.

The dunes can be rather steep, inflicting sand to slide down and additional … [Read more]

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Here’s what Mars looks like during its spring thaw


New breakthrough: Engineered immune cells may block HIV


Scientists declare they have safely offered engineered immune cells in 12 individuals with HIV that have the skill to face up to the virus.

Researchers are lauding it as a step towards paving the method to curing the illness. In most cases, sufferers should keep on HIV remedies the relaxation of their lives.

“This reinforces our perception that modified T cells are the key that may do away with the want for lifelong (antiretroviral drug treatment) and doubtlessly lead to functionally healing strategies for HIV/AIDS,” Dr. Carl H. June, Richard W. Imprecise Professor in immunotherapy in the division of pathology and laboratory medication at Penn’s Perelman College of Drugs in Philadelphia, stated in a observation.

Researchers used so-referred to as zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) know-how — what they referred to as “molecular scissors” — to adjust T cells in the immune machine to mimic the CCR5-delta-32 mutation, a course of referred to as gene enhancing.

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Doc Brown finally admits Funny or Die hoverboard video is fake


Humorous or Die must at least supply out these hats.

(Credit score: Screenshot by using Nick Statt/CNET)

To everybody’s dismay, the future has not actually arrived. Other people, hoverboards are now not actual.

At lengthy ultimate, actor Christopher Lloyd of “Again to the Future” popularity conceded Wednesday in a Funny or Die apology video that the abnormal and nonetheless confounding online viral campaign promoting a working hoverboard was once certainly a hoax, throwing in the towel on what has been a drawn out, exhaustive social-media time suck for the remaining 24 hours.

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13-year-old builds working nuclear fusion reactor

Jamie Edwards poses with his nuclear fusion reactor.

(Credit score: Jamie’s Fusion Challenge)

No longer many thirteen-yr-olds would describe themselves as an “newbie nuclear scientist.” That’s exactly what Jamie Edwards calls himself. When most children his age are off enjoying video video games, Edwards stays late after college to work on a keep an eye on panel for a nuclear fusion reactor. He simply reached his purpose of turning into the youngest “fusioneer” in historical past, narrowly beating out the previous record-holder, who pulled it off at 14.

Final yr, Edwards made a presentation inquiring for funding to construct a nuclear fusion reactor, and his college, Penwortham Priory Academy, granted him a $three,350 price range to make the mission occur. Let’s simply take a second to get pleasure from the sheer awesomeness of that. How many colleges do you comprehend would supply cash to a youngster to dabble in nuclear science?

It takes moderately a few distinctiveness elements to construct a reactor. Edwards had to order a vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, tungsten wire, an aluminum rod, and valves, amongst different provides. One of the largest challenges used to be monitoring down and sealing leaks in the vacuum chamber. He additionally had to attend a radiation security route sooner than striking the reactor into operation.

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Pizza Hut table lets you touch-screen your toppings


You can choose your chums. You can decide your toppings. However you can’t choose your good friend’s toppings.

(Credit score: Video screenshot by means of Amanda Kooser/CNET)

Contact-reveal tables already exist. Pizza Hut eating places already exist. Put the two collectively and you finish up with a contact-display desk thought for ordering pizzas the use of your fingers.

The thought video was once developed in conjunction with design company Chaotic Moon Studios. It demonstrates how an interactive contact-monitor desk might be used to make a choice each little element of your pizza order, from the dimension of the pie to how the toppings are disbursed. It additionally displays buyers the use of the desk to pay with a cellular pockets on an iPhone and taking part in video games whereas ready for the order to come.

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The interactive desk concept isn’t a ways-fetched at all. The know-how to make it occur is already to be had. I… [Read more]

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Pizza Hut table lets you touch-screen your toppings


The world’s largest aircraft can fly for three weeks (it’s not cute)


A contact horrifying?

(Credit score: Airlander/Vimeo screenshot via Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Thanks to know-how, the world is turning into a darker situation.

No, I’m no longer suggesting that we’re changing into much less and much less enlightened, as we sacrifice our minds to the robots.

As an alternative, I’m purely indicating that we will quickly no longer be in a position to see that factor we at the moment name the sky.

There’ll be Jeff Bezos’s drones flying round all day, turning in dictionaries and diapers to the distressed. There’ll be journalistic drones all round, shooting each aerial element of a couple of automobile crashes.

And then there’ll be the HAV 304 Airlander, which is so massive that it will block the view of a couple of planets as it waddles via the heavens.

I confess I hadn’t heard of this aircraft ahead of the Telegraph told me it was once the world’s biggest plane.

Certainly, when you seem at the promotional video above, it’s bought huge inexperienced credentials, can fly for three days, and is a excellent hybrid of airship, aircraft, and helicopter.

It’s 300 ft lengthy and doesn’t want an airport to take off. Sure, if you have a massive backyard, it can take off from it.

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‘Talking Angela’ programmer talks hoaxes, AI mastery (Q&A)


Speaking Angela

(Credit score: Screenshot by using CNET)

If you’re no longer a father or mother or teen, it’s that you can imagine you first heard of Speaking Angela as a result of of a meme spreading virally on Fb that it was once a entrance for a pedophilia ring.

In reality, Talking Angela is a vastly common synthetic intelligence chatbot, a speaking cat, aimed at youngsters, and the hoax has been fully repudiated. To be had for iOS and Android, Speaking Angela has been downloaded extra than fifty seven million instances. However thanks to phrase going round about the pedophilia hoax, the app jumped to No. three on the iTunes iPhone charts.

On the one hand, it’s scandalous that any person was once ready to create a viral meme that claimed such a widespread (and technologically spectacular) challenge had such darkish reasons. However on the different, it’s been reasonably of a boon for Out Fit7, Speaking Angela’s writer. In all probability extra importantly, it’s introduced a lot of consideration to the thought that it is in point of fact, truly onerous to create an shrewd chatbot, one that can conceivably idiot a human being into considering they’re speaking to every other particular person.

B… [Read more]

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‘Talking Angela’ programmer talks hoaxes, AI mastery (Q&A)


Daughter’s Facebook foghorn blows dad’s $80,000

February 28, 2014Gadgets News Update



Thriving doesn’t all the time imply socially networking.

(Credit score: Screenshot through Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Fathers, don’t let your daughters any place close to Fb. Particularly when you’ve simply come into $eighty,000.

This is the painful ethical from some other day in Florida.

The story started out so brightly for the Snay domestic. As the Miami Herald reports, Patrick Snay used to be the headmaster at Miami’s Gulliver Preparatory Faculty.

In 2010, his contract wasn’t renewed. He claimed age discrimination. He additionally claimed there had been retaliation in opposition to his daughter, who used to be a scholar at the college.

At the finish of 2011, Snay gained a contract, with $eighty,000 going to him in my opinion, as smartly as $10,000 in earlier income. However one of the stipulations was once that the whole thing had to saved personal.

Snay informed his daughter, Dana. She popped alongside to Fb to pop off to 1,200 of her closest chums.

She wrote: “Mama and Papa Snay gained the case in opposition to Gulliver. Gulliver is now formally paying for my trip to Europe this summer season. SUCK IT.”

So, about that confidentiality settlement.

Patrick Snay instructed the Herald: “We knew what the restrictions had been, but we wanted to inform her one thing.” This is comprehensible, however without a doubt he additionally wanted to inform her to now not shout it to her 1,200 c… [Read more]

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Daughter’s Facebook foghorn blows dad’s $80,000


Gotham-inspired garb puts Catwoman on the catwalk

February 28, 2014Gadgets News Update



The well-known Catwoman-impressed catsuit was once the primary appeal of The Blonds’ convey at New York Style Week.

(Credit score: The Blonds)

New York-primarily based style duo The Blonds — David Blond and Phillipe Blond — strutted their fall and winter 2014 collection at New York Type Week with Selina Kyle-meets-Bettie Web page punk-glam outfits that would make even Catwoman purr.

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Impressed with the aid of costumes donned via Catwoman in comics, films, and the iconic TV convey “Batman,” The Blonds’ upcoming line of attire, coats, and leggings seems to be like it would befit a lifestyles of crime and ardour in Gotham Metropolis.

“This is a assortment we wished to do for some time now,” dressmaker David Blond informed … [Read more]

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Gotham-inspired garb puts Catwoman on the catwalk