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Intelligent Energy offers Upp, a $200 phone-charging fuel cell


The Upp combines a charger and a removable hydrogen cartridge to provide about 5 full cellphone fees.

(Credit score: Smart Power)

There are masses of battery-powered chargers on the market to prime up on your smartphone all the way through a lengthy day’s use. However a firm known as Wise Vitality hopes to go a step past that with a $200 hydrogen gas cell tool referred to as Upp.

The tool has a removable cartridge that has 25 amp-hours (25,000mAh) of cost — extra than 10 instances the 1,800mAh to 2,300mAh fashionable in these days’s smartphones. In apply, a single cartridge is excellent sufficient for 5 fees, the firm stated.

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The firm is aiming for rising markets first — it a… [Read more]

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Intelligent Energy offers Upp, a $200 phone-charging fuel cell


Google’s Veterans Day doodle: Conservative, patriotic

November 11, 2013Gadgets News Update



(Credit score: Screenshot by means of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

By no means has the phrase on Google’s house web page “I’m feeling fortunate” appeared extra applicable.

On Veterans Day, everybody must really feel fortunate that there are individuals ready to possibility their lives, whereas many of these whom they’re defending (and most of these who ship them into fight) do no longer share the related degree of braveness.

For November eleven, Google is offering a easy, conservative, and patriotic doodle.

The Google brand is enlarged, and a Veterans Day parade is depicted.

Extra Technically Wrong

When you click on on the brand, it brings you to search outcome… [Read more]

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Google’s Veterans Day doodle: Conservative, patriotic


Apple developing large, curved-screen iPhones, says report

November 10, 2013Gadgets News Update



One thing like this Samsung?

(Credit score: EVLeaks/Twitter)

With out rumors, what would Apple be? Simply some other firm attempting to promote you a good cellphone.

So Sunday it was once heartening to think about that, in 2014, Cupertino would possibly be launched two new telephones.

Each and every would be higher than the present iPhone 5. And every would have a curved glass display.

Bloomberg, citing someone with knowledge of the development process, says that the new iPhones would have displays of four.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

This is virtually as huge as the Samsung Galaxy Notice’s 5.7 inches.

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Man in Tesla Model S fire: ‘I’d buy another one’

November 10, 2013Gadgets News Update



How the Tesla Motors Membership web page reacted to first photography of the hearth.

(Credit score: tommolog/TeslaMotorsClub Screenshot through Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Automobile manufacturers revel in testimonials from satisfied drivers.

However there’s one thing a little extra highly effective, when the testimonial is from a driver whose automotive simply caught fireplace.

In a blog post on Tesla Web site, Juris Shibayama, an MD from Tennessee, explains what took place when his Adaptation S caught fire last Thursday.

He ends his rationalization with a line that now not everybody would predict: “I would purchase every other one in a heartbeat.”

Shibayama mentioned that he struck a three-pronged trailer hitch in the center lane of the interstate. He endured:

About 30-forty five seconds later, there used to be a warning on the dashboard show announcing, ‘Automobile desires provider. Automobile could now not restart.’ I persevered to power, hoping to get dwelling. About one minute later, the message on the dashboard show learn, ‘Please pull over safely. Automobile is shutting down.’

He mentioned he had time to take away his possessions, even although, he stated: “About 5-10 seconds after getting out of the automobile, smoke began to come from the entrance underbody of the automobile.”

Subsequent, he stated he received one hundred yards away and, some two minutes later, the ca… [Read more]

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Man in Tesla Model S fire: ‘I’d buy another one’


Shutdown, Obamacare driving holiday shopping online?


Just right for on-line companies?

(Credit score: WorldSiteGuides/YouTube Screenshot by way of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Politics has change into tiresome.

O.k., it used to be at all times tiresome, however when 24-hour cable information got here alongside, we bought to hear of each little element and reached for additional doses of our calming medication.

It appears, although, that one of the penalties of regular political upheaval has been to pressure extra folks to store on-line this vacation season.

A survey has been positioned sooner than my unique eyes. It used to be carried out by way of Harris Interactive, on behalf of cloud trying out firm SOASTA (reported like “toaster”, regrettably, somewhat than like “Zoroaster”).

In it, a fulsome forty four % of folks insisted that considerations about the default, executive shutdowns, finances battles and the Obamacare Internet website mess would force them to do their vacation purchasing on-line.

You would possibly think about that the concept of a malfunctioning Internet web page using individuals on-line may be a contact twisted. However seventy seven p.c in the survey pleaded for all on-line purchasing corporations to take a look at their websites totally — or at least declare when they had been ultimate examined — prior to the vacation storm strikes. (Neatly, naturally.)

There would possibly appear one thing woolly, although, about the usage of politics as an excuse for on-line buying. Smartly, these respondents admitted that the purpose they will save on-line is that they b… [Read more]

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Shutdown, Obamacare driving holiday shopping online?


Crave Ep. 145: Leave digital cookie crumbs all over with the GPS Cookie


Go away digital cookie crumbs all over with the GPS Cookie, Ep. a hundred forty five RSS (SD) seem to be at the GPS Cookie which information your actions onto a microSD card. Woman Gaga broadcasts a live performance in house for 2015, and we can order pizza with a push of a button. All that and extra, this week on Crave.

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- Lady Gaga to perform in space (no, really!)

- PiePal orders pizza with the push of a button

- Google: Oh, you mean THOSE barges[Read more]

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Crave Ep. 145: Leave digital cookie crumbs all over with the GPS Cookie


Seeing-eye robots? Bots for elderly draw crowds at iRex


With an getting older inhabitants, Japan is constructing extra humanoid robots like this Nachi meeting bot that has a stereo digicam for object attractiveness.

(Credit score: Tim Hornyak/CNET)

TOKYO — We can all seem to be ahead to rising previous with buckets of bolts that will watch over us, support us, and perhaps even entertain us.

That’s the message at the Global Robotic Exhibition (iRex), a exchange exhibit right here highlighting aged care alongside with the newest tendencies in manufacturing facility automation.

Marking its twentieth 12 months, iRex drew 334 corporations and teams, its greatest exhibiting ever, with one hundred,000 guests anticipated.

Whereas there have been no knockout reveals, the biennial state-backed show off used to be particularly extra peppy than previous editions overshadowed with the aid of the world monetary concern.

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Become the Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver app


(Credit score: Pointless Creations)

Certain, you may go out and purchase a vary of sonic screwdriver props, however for the Physician on a funds, there’s some other choice: decide up the reputable $1.ninety nine Sonic Screwdriver app for iOS.

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Created by means of Australian developer Useless Creations, which specializes in quirky augmented-truth apps (we like the dinosaur one), the app options 4 iterations of the Physician’s well-known device: the third and 4th (John Pertwee and Tom Baker), as neatly as the extra latest tenth and eleventh (David Tennant and Matt Smith).

You can additionally make a selection from a house history or augmented fact, the place you seem to be keeping the screwdriver in the actual world.

Every of the screwdrivers… [Read more]

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Become the Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver app


Hilariously photoshopped ‘Thor 2′ poster in China cinema


Speak about brotherly love.

(Credit score:

If you had been to step into the foyer of the Shanghai Bona Insun Global Theater Advanced in China, you would possibly see a huge poster promotion “Thor: The Darkish World.” This specific poster appears to trace at the new movie taking fairly a departure from the love story featured in the first “Thor.” Sure, Thor and Loki are getting comfy. Very comfy.

A weblog referred to as printed a photograph of the poster in the wild. It’s now not an professional poster by way of a lengthy shot, however reasonably a fan-made poster. It was once modified from an unique poster picture that includes megastar Chris Hemsworth wrapping a protecting arm round his onscreen woman-love Natalie Portman.

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Why don’t spinning ballet dancers get dizzy?


Former skilled ballet dancer Stephen Williams says he hasn’t became a pirouette he couldn’t deal with.

“I don’t assume I’ve ever been dizzy,” says Williams, an teacher with the Central School of Ballet in London. “It has to do with the size of the coaching. You have to maintain at it once more, and once more — and once more.”

Like many ballet dancers who observe pirouettes and different spinning strikes repetitively, Williams doesn’t get that lightheaded sensation most individuals really feel after spinning round.

(Credit score: Imperial Faculty London)

Now, researchers at the Imperial Faculty London say they’ve found out variations in the ballet dancers’ mind construction that assist them suppress that dizzy feeling. They say their ballet mind learn about may lead to new healing procedures to lend a hand the estimated one in 4 folks who undergo from continual dizziness.

The find out about used to be revealed not too long ago in the journal Cerebral Cortex. The researchers took a crew of feminine ballet dancers and put them via a collection of spinning assessments in a chair in a darkish room. As a keep an eye on team, the researchers chosen feminine rowers of identical age, quantity, gender, and health, and put them via the related checks. Subsequent, the Imperial School London researchers measured the brains… [Read more]

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