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Space geeks, show us your Instagram best


That’s Crave author Amanda Kooser’s Orion SkyScanner one hundred telescope, with a Dalek subsequent to it for scale.

(Credit score: Amanda Kooser/CNET)

Right here at Crave, astronomical happenings like the weekend’s rare “hybrid” solar eclipse all the time make the area geek in us jump. And no small phase of that is the superb photographs that continuously consequence from such celestial situations — be they stated eclipses, blue moons, or NASA shuttle flybys.

So for the subsequent installment in our collection of CNET reader Instagram galleries we’d love to see your skyward-having a look photographs.

Possibly you noticed a megastar configuration or moon to understand that. Or had been fortunate sufficient to trap a comet. Or captured a planet with an beginner telescope (or felt impressed to snap a shot of the telescope itself, like Crave author Amanda Kooser did above). In all probability you simply obtained ingenious with a breathtaking daybreak or sundown. Possibly you Instagrammed each perspective of that giant Lego spaceship you constructed or bought filter fever with your collectio… [Read more]

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Space geeks, show us your Instagram best


The 404 1,377: Where we take in the gravity of it all (podcast)


(Credit score: Tumblr)

Leaked from nowadays’s 404 episode:

– Verizon’s CS Twitter goes radio silent after it asks Jeff why he’s leaving .

– Maintain your entire physique heat just by wearing this scientific wristband.

Episode 1,377

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The 404 1,377: Where we take in the gravity of it all (podcast)


Siri gets dissed by ‘The Simpsons’


(Credit score: YouTube/Screenshot with the aid of Lance Whitney/CNET)

Apple’s Siri has been the goal of a lot of insults. However the newest dig on the notorious voice assistant got here from Sunday evening’s episode of “The Simpsons.”

Attempting to retailer at a bowling ball retailer referred to as Alley McBalls, Homer discovers that it’s been closed to make way for a new Apple store. In frustration, Homer throws his bowling ball at the retailer’s entrance best to have it jump again and hit him in the head.

A local retailer proprietor sees Homer’s concern and volunteers to ask Siri for a listing of neighborhood hospitals. In response, Siri tells the retailer proprietor that it doesn’t see any “hos petals” close to him and that it’s deleting all contact knowledge.

After the proprietor shouts, “I didn’t ask you to do that, Siri,” Apple’s voice assistant merely responds “Delete validated.”

Deleting all of your contact knowledge would be a stretch for Siri, although some customers have complained of that snafu when upgrading to a new model of iOS. However Siri does have a addiction of misinterpreting phrases and phrases, particularly at the most inopportune occasions. Nonetheless, you understand you’ve made it when you fee an insult on “The Simpsons.”

[Read more]

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Siri gets dissed by ‘The Simpsons’


Woz: If I were at Apple, we’d be partners with Google


He’s dreaming.

(Credit score: Thomson Reuters video/YouTube Screenshot by using Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Parallel universes are at all times enjoyable to ponder.

So please mount the No. forty two bus with me to a world in which Tim Prepare dinner is nonetheless COO of Apple and Steve Wozniak is calling the pictures.

Right here’s what would be going down: Apple and Google would be deep and loving companions and would share all their data in one huge openfest.

The iPhone would have all the best components of Android, and Android telephones would at last revel in a little magical, progressive style.

How do I understand this would be? Smartly, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave an interview to the BBC, in which he stated: “I want to God that Apple and Google have been companions in the future.”

However when pressed as to how lifelike it would be that Apple and Google would ever cuddle up and make good, he used to be lively in his emotions.

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Great news! Engineers aren’t psychopaths (but CEOs are)


What do we suppose?

(Credit score: CNET)

I’ve been feeling a little disturbed today. Relatively insane issues are going down all round me and nothing appears to make feel anymore.

So I idea I’d are seeking out some data about psychopathy, in the hope of making myself really feel higher — or at least understood.

Come what may, I stumbled upon an article on The Week that disturbed me even extra. In informal model, it puzzled which professions contained the best quantity of psychopaths and which ones had the fewest.

Truthfully, I idea engineers would be someplace close to the high of the record. The ones I be aware of are severe creatures, vulnerable to extreme rational notion and irrational motion.

They imagine they can remedy the whole thing, but don’t see that in their personal lives, they have solved very little.

I anticipated, due to this fact, that they would at least be better up the psychopathic scale than, say, priests. I was once disabused.

The knowledge comes from a guide by using Kevin Dutton known as “The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success.

Already understanding th… [Read more]

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Great news! Engineers aren’t psychopaths (but CEOs are)


The mind-bending sounds of the theremin


Some of the Theremins at the Judith Charles Gallery exhibit

(Credit score: Francis Dzikowski/Esto)

Leon Theremin invented the world’s first digital instrument in 1920, and whereas it by no means finished standard recognition, the theremin has been used in film soundtracks, avant-garde classical track, and pop. The theremin is performed with out bodily contact; the musician strikes his or her arms close to two steel antennas to trade pitch, extent, and tone.

Dorit Chrysler performing at the Judith Charles Gallery.

(Credit score: Steve Guttenberg/CNET)

Allen Farmelo is a document producer and engineer, and he curated the “Peculiar Harmonics” express at the Judith Charles Gallery in New York Metropolis. “Unusual Harmonics” additionally featured performances by way of Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco), German classical theremin virtuoso Carolina Eyck, efficiency artist Christen Clifford, and others. Francois Chambard constructed the 12 customized theremins in the gallery express. They’re gorgeous works of artwork, however they’re all working theremins. Farmelo is excited by using the exhibit’s “collision” of artwork, sculpture, tech, song, portray, and efficiency. The gallery has a few video theremin performances, and guests can are trying their hand enjoying some of the Theremins on show.

[Read more]

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The mind-bending sounds of the theremin


Crave Ep. 144: DARPA wants to put an implant in your brain


DARPA needs to put an implant in your mind, Ep. a hundred and forty four iTunes (SD) observe the well being of squaddies, DARPA has began growing mind implants that will screen the mind in actual time. We test out the new age of rhythm recreation apps with Duet, and admire a Mario-like facet-scrolling job resume that’s fairly probably the best possible job resume ever created. All that, and some funeral selfies, on this week’s Crave exhibit.

Crave tales:

- Duet: How a kick-butt game soundtrack is made

- Side-scrolling, Mario-inspired resume rocks the job hunt

[Read more]

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Crave Ep. 144: DARPA wants to put an implant in your brain


With world watching, Google’s mystery barge sits in limbo


The construction that is being constructed by way of Google on a barge in San Francisco Bay.

(Credit score: James Martin/CNET)

Google’s thriller mission on a barge in the San Francisco Bay, which has piqued the passion or media the world over, sits in limbo day after day, in full view of somebody shut sufficient to see it.

Ultimate week, CNET was once first to file ties between Google and the structure, a 4-story-tall constructing made from delivery containers that sits largely coated in scaffolding and darkish netting on a stationary barge alongside Treasure Island, a former Navy base in the San Francisco Bay.

Is this ‘secret project’ Google’s floating data center? (pictures)

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Listen to the sound of plants responding to the world


(Credit score: Leslie Garcia)

In 1949, Roald Dahl wrote a quick story known as “The Sound Machine” (PDF). In it, a man invents a laptop that lets in him to hear the sounds inaudible to people due to their frequency out of doors the vary of listening to, and discovers that crops do, in truth, make sound in response to the world.

Artist Leslie Garcia’s “Pulsu(m) Plantae” has no longer, in reality, published that vegetation make noise. As an alternative, Garcia has analyzed the physiological response of vegetation to sure exterior stimuli and created a actual-time “audio prosthetic” — that is, a tool that interprets the plant’s responses into audible sound.

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It consists of sensors to display the crops’ biofeedback; a transducer (a software that converts these readings into sound);… [Read more]

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Listen to the sound of plants responding to the world


‘Mamoris’ chair doubles as a helmet


Keiko Inagaki of Jap design studio Znug Design shows a prototype of the Mamoris chair.

(Credit score: Yoshizaku Tsuno/AFP/Getty Photography)

You’re sitting staring at TV when you begin to really feel the floor shake under you. You might dive below the nearest desk or run to a threshold. Or you may take your chair and plop it on your head. If you’re sitting in a Mamoris, that is.

The chair can convert into a helmet.

Eastern industrial fashion designer Kota Nezu of Znug Design, collectively with design agency Poplife, developed the prototype chair/hat for use in earthquakes. Mamoris (“mamoru” is Eastern for “to give protection to,” whereas “isu” method “chair”) simply made a exhibiting all over Tokyo Designers Week, which continues via November four. Japan, of path, is extremely vulnerable to temblors.

When you’re simply sitting there having a look beautiful and now not wanting head safety, the onerous hat hides discreetly beneath the chair. A ninety-stage twist of a dial situated in the seat detaches the chair’s again, which connects to the helmet. Flip the impromptu emergency equipment upside down for head, neck, and again safety.

The chair weighs about three kilos in its present new release.

No one is probably to name the Mamoris-atop-head trendy, however if it shields your noggin from items… [Read more]

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‘Mamoris’ chair doubles as a helmet