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Buy the only camera to go to the moon and back (allegedly)


Jim Irwin and the Lunar Roving Car on the floor of the moon right through Apollo 15.

(Credit score: NASA/David Scott)

NASA despatched 14 handheld cameras alongside on its manned lunar landings of the late Sixties and early Seventies, however most effective one of them made it again to Earth — or at least that’s what the Austrian public sale home that’s placing it up for bids subsequent month is claiming.

Vienna-primarily based WestLicht says that astronaut Jim Irwin took precisely 299 footage on the moon all through the Apollo 15 mission with the Hasselblad 500 “EL Information Digicam” that will begin with an preliminary bid of eighty,000 euros ($108,136) at public sale on March 22.

The Hasselblad 500 from Apollo 15.

(Credit score: WestLicht)

Apollo 15 took situation in the summer season of 1971 and is regarded as one of the extra a hit Apollo missions — it’s the one the place astronauts have been ready to cruise round the floor of the moon in a lunar roving automobile for the first time.

The majority of cameras taken to the moon on Apollo missions have been left there due to weight restrictions. NASA notion it extra essential to carry again specimens of moon rocks and different samples than extra selfies of the complete planet taken by way of what may be regarded as a very lengthy arm prolonged out fro… [Read more]

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Buy the only camera to go to the moon and back (allegedly)


Humans came long after aliens, scientist suggests


How did lifestyles truly start?

(Credit score: Science Documentary/YouTube screenshot via Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I’ve by no means idea of humanity as being particularly developed.

Come what may, we battle so a lot with such general issues as thermostats and civility that I can not think about we’ve been round seeing that both the Large Bang or God’s Large Finger Urgent Play.

Harvard astrophysicist Abraham Loeb will get the feeling that we are one of the ultimate to the universe birthday celebration.

As reports, Loeb’s analysis suggests that a mere 15 million years after the Giant Bang, alien microbes may have fortunately survived.

He mentioned: “When the universe used to be 15 million years outdated, the cosmic microwave heritage had a temperature of a heat summer time day on Earth. If rocky planets existed at that epoch, then the CMB may have saved their floor heat even if they did no longer live in the liveable zone round their guardian superstar.”

Conventional scientific considering provided that the first stars shaped out of hydrogen and helium. There weren’t any so-referred to as heavy parts that would have assisted planet formation.

Loeb requested the easy query: What if there had been some heavy components? There may have been large stars exploding and emitting them.

Any planets that may have resulted from these explosion… [Read more]

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Humans came long after aliens, scientist suggests


When the Bay Bridge towered over San Francisco


Photographer Peter Stackpole’s 1936 image of the cable spinning operation for the building of the Bay Bridge, and the gallows that dot the catwalks. The picture is one of dozens by using Stackpole, alongside with different art work, drawings, and lithographs incorporated in “The Bay Bridge: A Work in Development, 1933-1936,” a new showcase at the de Younger museum in San Francisco.

(Credit score: Peter Stackpole/Nice Artwork Museums of San Francisco)

These days, the Golden Gate Bridge is via some distance the most well-known span in the world, let on my own California, or even San Francisco. But, in 1937, when it was once achieved, it used to be regarded as an afterthought through many, overshadowed with the aid of a so much better and extra formidable cousin.

That different bridge, of route, is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, additionally accomplished in 1937, an architectural masterpiece that took the Melancholy-generation world by way of storm.

Lately, San Francisco’s de Younger museum debuts “The Bay Bridge: A Work in Progress, 1933-1936,” a model-new showcase of about one hundred images and different works.

In accordance to the showcase’s curator, Jim Ganz, the purpose was once to show off no longer simply the Bay Bridge — as gorgeous and essential a construction as it is — however additionally the Nineteen Thirties, a length that was once “such an thrilling second in American artwork.” As Ganz defined, The usa used to be simply starting … [Read more]

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When the Bay Bridge towered over San Francisco


Get vertigo: Relive Felix Baumgartner’s epic space jump in video


Felix Baumgartner exits his pill at round 128,000 toes.

(Credit score: Crimson Bull Stratos)

“There it is. There’s the world out there.”

It’s been a nice day for writing about views of the Earth from excessive, excessive above our beautiful planet.

First, there was once information of the Global Space Balloon Challenge, an tutorial competitors to construct and launch excessive-altitude balloons that will take situation in April. And now comes prolonged video (see under) from Felix Baumgartner’s amazing space jump in October, 2012, when he leaped from 128,097 toes for a period of 9 minutes and three seconds (the freefall component of the soar lasted four minutes and 19 seconds). All through the descent, he went supersonic for a few seconds, hitting upward of 800 mph. However now not sooner than he received his first unobstructed view of the planet the first time he stepped outdoor his tablet and mentioned the above phrases.

Thanks to … [Read more]

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Get vertigo: Relive Felix Baumgartner’s epic space jump in video


Lego Bill Murray prayers answered: ‘Ghostbusters’ set coming


This is the fan-made model of the Ecto-1.

(Credit score: Brent Waller)

Have a good time, all you youngsters of the ’80s, all you Invoice Murray enthusiasts, all you who have sewn deep into the night time to create a “Ghostbusters” jumpsuit costume. The bigwigs at Lego are smiling down on you, and giving you an providing in the kind of greenlighting a fan-designed “Ghostbusters” set.

Lego tinkerer Brent Waller put collectively a variation for a “Ghostbusters” set in honor of the movie’s thirtieth anniversary this 12 months. He constructed minifigs, the Ectomobile, and the ghost hunters’ headquarters constructing. He actually nailed Invoice Murray’s hairline for the minifig. The mission went up for vote on Lego’s fan web page CUUSOO, the place it received 10,000 supporters, sufficient to get Lego to seem at making it reliable, which it did.

The thirtieth anniversary set had some critical competitors from different fan tasks, together with a set of feminine scientist minifigs and a rival “Ghostbusters” introduction. The constructing received’t be integrated in the last set, however at least the minifigs and Ecto-1 automotive are slated for manufacturing. Lego is nonetheless considering whether or not to make the feminine minifig set. These sensible science girls would make a excellent foil for the goofy “Ghostbusters” guys.

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Part-time love? There’s a dating site for that


Can we negotiate our means to happiness?

(Credit score: Screenshot via Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I want to inform you about my dishwasher.

Once in a while it washes each dish, giving me a radiant feeling in a couple of locations. On different events, it spits, pouts, and leaves pink plates brown.

There appears no cause why. It’s simply like that.

If it used to be a particular person, my dishwasher would be on Part Time Love. This is a relationship website online with an appealing promise: “Significant romance with out on a regular basis dedication.”

In some circles, they name that a market hole. In others, they name it having your gateau and then having some other gateau.

The website online, although, insists it caters to “singles having a look for common companions with mutual appeal, real friendship, recognize and a magical spark however whom have no expectations of transferring in after three months and price their free time and independence.”

However simply in case you assume this base, sleazy, or simple, Phase Time Love hisses: “We are now not a no-strings web site.”

It’s extra of a placing-through-a-string Net web page.

The creator is writer Helen Croydon, who sounds like she’s lived the existence ahead of launching the web site. Her newest e-book is referred to as “Screw The Fairytale,” a title with a ways extra connotations than the moderate double-entendre.

I quote from her Net web site blurb: “Helen discovered heaps of … [Read more]

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Part-time love? There’s a dating site for that


‘Iron Man’ on steroids: Step into a working ‘Appleseed’ Mecha


Meet the wearable know-how I’m most in this 12 months.

(Credit score: Video screenshot with the aid of Eric Mack/CNET)

Final yr, Japan’s Sagawa Electronics launched a powered exoskeleton, the Powered Jacket MK3, with the possible to deliver so much of our science fiction and anime fantasies to lifestyles. However by hook or by crook, being in a position to see the tiny and frail human at the heart of the outsized metallic skeleton simply doesn’t appear imposing sufficient.

Fortuitously, some other Eastern firm — Dai-Nihon Giken, producer of so much of anime merchandise — has stepped in to fill that intimidation hole with armor designed to match on the MK3 modeled on the Landmate energy fits from Shirow Masamune’s twenty second century manga saga “Appleseed.”

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The outcome no doubt helps carry visions of a dystopic future to lifestyles. Whereas the armor is made from urethane that isn’t li… [Read more]

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‘Iron Man’ on steroids: Step into a working ‘Appleseed’ Mecha


Electric jolt causes star-shaped cataracts on man’s eyes


(Credit score: New England Journal of Medication)

As a substitute of seeing stars, an electrician who skilled a 14,000-volt electrical shock to the left shoulder got here away with big name-formed cataracts stamped on each eyes, medical doctors pronounced final week in the New England Journal of Medicine.

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, which is a construction that helps center of attention mild or an picture. When the lens is clear, gentle passes thru to the eye’s retina — a tissue positioned at the again of the eye — the place the mind tactics the picture. If the lens is cloudy due to cataracts, the consequence is blurry imaginative and prescient.

Cataracts are usually led to by using growing older, so widespread that extra than half of of Americans have a cataract or endure surgical operation to restoration them by way of the time they are eighty years previous.

The male affected person, forty two, underwent cataract extraction surgical operation 4 months after the electrical shock, and additionally had an implant positioned in to act like a lens and center of attention mild, what’s known as in intraocular lens. It better his imaginative and prescient a bit, however he was once nonetheless legally blind and might handiest depend fingers out of his left eye. He doubtless gained’t totally regain his sight as a result of of injury to the retina and optic nerve, the construction that transmits visible indicators from the retina to the mind.

New York Metropolis-primarily based optometrist Dr. Justin Rapp, who had no involvement in the man’s case, defined… [Read more]

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Electric jolt causes star-shaped cataracts on man’s eyes


How small can a bona fide high-end headphone amplifier be?


Meridian Top

(Credit score: Meridian)

Meridian Audio could be one of Britain’s oldest excessive-finish audio manufacturers. It was once based in the late Seventies, however it used to be all the time exploring new applied sciences. It presented the world’s first excessive-finish CD participant in 1984, developed the state of the artwork in self-powered audio system, and pioneered digital loudspeakers. The firm additionally developed the lossless compression know-how used in many Blu-Ray discs.

So when I heard Meridian used to be introducing a excessive-finish headphone amplifier, I straight away requested a overview pattern. When the field arrived, I notion they despatched the flawed piece, it was once too small to be a contender, however the Meridian Prime is a excellent deal extra compact than the competitors’s fashions. It’s additionally a gorgeous piece of industrial design. The personal computer-pleasant-dimension 6.3x2x5.9-inch all-steel chassis is attractive; match and end are what you’d are expecting from a excessive-finish model. The entrance panel hosts two 6.3mm jacks for full-dimension headphones, plus a three.5mm jack for in-ear headphones. The again panel sports activities a USB enter, stereo RCA analog inputs, and outputs that can force self-powered computer audio system. The Top is made in England.

Meridian and Bryston are the simplest two centered excessive-finish manufacturers making headphone amplif… [Read more]

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How small can a bona fide high-end headphone amplifier be?


Ingredients for life hitching ride on space dust, study says


Water and natural compounds might be hitching a journey via house on interplanetary mud particles.

(Credit score: UH SOEST/LLNL,John Bradley)

For years, astronomers have been scanning local asteroids, the moon, Mars, and deeper space for proof of the constructing blocks of existence.

Now, a new find out about in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds that each water and natural subject matter might in fact have our planet surrounded, floating round house on ubiquitous interplanetary mud particles that continuously rain down on Earth and the different our bodies in our sunlight machine.

“It is a exciting chance that this inflow of mud has acted as a steady rainfall of little response vessels containing each the water and organics wanted for the eventual beginning of lifestyles on Earth and presumably Mars,” researcher and learn about co-writer Hope Ishii of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology mentioned in a release.

Translation: tiny hint quantities of water and organics left over from the beginning… [Read more]

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Ingredients for life hitching ride on space dust, study says