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TronicalTune: A robot tuner for almost any guitar (hands-on)


A Tele with a contemporary set of robo-tuners.

(Credit score: Amanda Kooser/CNET)

I took my customized champagne-sparkle Telecaster electrical guitar to a celebration ultimate weekend full of native musicians. I’m used to folks ogling the paint job, however this time they have been ogling the again of the headstock, and for a excellent cause. I had simply put in the TronicalTune, an automatic robotic tuning gadget.

There have been a lot of “ahs” and “that’s so cool!” feedback as I pushed a couple of buttons and the tuners began spinning round on their personal, like little magic silver dervishes. The tiny motors make a pleasurable whirring noise, however the software additionally works extraordinarily neatly. It places your guitar into your possibility of 18 totally different tunings, from usual to no matter your creativeness can come up with.

Tune it or die Some folks are going to seem to be at this gadget with a little contempt. “Why don’t you simply tune the guitar your self? What’s the subject, are you lazy?” they’ll ask. “Don’t you understand how to tune?” Sure, I do be aware of how to tune. What TronicalTune does is make the entire course of sooner, for fast modifications right through reside performances. At $299, on the other hand, it’s no longer going to be for everybody.

You’ll get the most out of TronicalTune if you do understand how to tune, and experience taking part in in alternate tunings. It already has 12 preset tunings, together with in style ones lik… [Read more]

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TronicalTune: A robot tuner for almost any guitar (hands-on)


‘The Big Lebowski’ goes 8-bit in video game reimagining


As a nitpicker would possibly level out, the Dude by no means if truth be told bowls in the movie, shop for in that trippy dream sequence. Now not so right here in the eight-bit recreation model dreamed up with the aid of YouTube channel creator CineFix.

(Credit score: Screenshot by way of Nick Statt/CNET)

Picturing a usual Coen brothers movie as a video recreation brings to thoughts some grotesque and disagreeable experiences. Suppose “No United states of america for Previous Males” as a gritty PS3 title in a position of giving The Closing of Us a run for its cash, or “Elevating Arizona” as a twisted take on a crime-oriented sandbox recreation…however with a child concerned.

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Alternatively, the other folks over at CineFix, the YouTube channel recognized for its eight-bit retellings of traditional movies as if they have been retro video games, determined on the cult basic, “The Large Lebowski,” as the subsequent installment in its eight-Bit Cinema sequence.

The end result is an expertise we handiest want we’d had again in the ’90s.

[Read more]

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‘The Big Lebowski’ goes 8-bit in video game reimagining


Chase the Stig around ‘Top Gear’ Google Street View track


The Stig does doughnuts round a Boulevard View automotive.

(Credit score: Video screenshot by means of Amanda Kooser/CNET)

If you’ve ever needed to take a spin round the “High Tools” check monitor in the UK, however don’t qualify as a Big name in a Fairly Priced Automobile, now’s your probability. The famous airport-based track has just debuted on Google Street View.

An introduced bonus to the sequence of images is that the Stig accompanies you alongside the method, beginning off with a drag race from the beginning line. Simply seem to be for the white Mercedes SLS AMG Black with the gull wing doorways and the helmeted thriller man in the back of the wheel. The Street View Opel four-door doesn’t stand a likelihood.

If you’re no longer intimately acquainted with the check observe’s turns, it can be a little laborious to keep on the correct route. Will have to you wander off, you’ll get a likelihood to see some of the “Prime Equipment” filming amenities and ogle the attention-grabbing vehicles parked there.

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KitTea cat cafe welcomes feline friends


Awwww…. who wouldn’t need to share a cup of tea with a kitty?

(Credit score: Kittens in Teacups)

Ever take a seat in a cafe and want you had been surrounded with the aid of cats staring at you whereas you sipped your tea? Or possibly you want the Kittens in Teacups weblog might come to lifestyles proper prior to your eyes? These pussycat fantasies can develop into fact with a new cat cafe known as KitTea coming to San Francisco this yr.

Based through cat fans Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky, KitTea guarantees to be section “connoisseur tea home” and phase “cat and human oasis” that will “create a Zen retreat the place individuals and cats can hold out to the advantage of each — via the car of a teahouse.”

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“Buyers will partake of all the enjoyment and ther… [Read more]

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KitTea cat cafe welcomes feline friends


Movies, video games and drones dominate 2014′s top toys


(Credit score: Andrew Hoyle/CNET)

The most up to date toys and prime devices due to be lining your nearest Toys R Us had been given their public debut at the Toy Truthful in London. Amongst the constructing blocks and educate units, film and TV express tie-in toys, as neatly as gaming merchandise dominated many of the stands.

Video games, movies and drones reign at London Toy Fair (photos)

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Rosetta awakens, readies for first-ever road trip with a comet


Rosetta replied to a name to upward thrust and shine on Monday.

(Credit score: ESA)

The European Area Company’s Rosetta spacecraft wiped the deep area identical of eye gunk from its startrackers on Monday and woke up from a 31-month slumber to put together for the coolest section of its lengthy mission — assembly up with and then attaching a probe to the floor of a comet as it cruises via our sunlight machine.

Sure, it’s principally the plot of that horrific film “Armageddon,” however on a risk free comet quite than an apocalyptic asteroid and with a charming robotic probe named Philae as a substitute of Ben Affleck.

Initially launched in 2004, Rosetta spent years constructing up sufficient velocity to attain its final goal, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and checking out a few asteroids alongside the method. In 2011 it went into a hibernation mode with an alarm clock of types in its laptop set to go off on January 20, 2014. It turned into obvious hours after that wake up course of that it had been a success when the first alerts from Rosetta in two and a half of years have been verified by means of each ESA and NASA on Monday.

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Reverse Listening Device channels sound to opposite ears


Problem your thoughts to reconcile with your ears.

(Credit score: Piotr Gaska)

What if conversations coming from your left facet had been shuttled into your proper ear and vice versa? You would have to reconcile the place you visually understand the sound is coming from with the place it’s coming into your physique. UK artist Dominic Wilcox made up our minds to are trying it for himself with the advent of the Reverse Listening Device.

The system works via the usage of two funnels with tubes that join from one aspect of the head to the reverse ear. It’s an efficient manner to mess with your spatial feel. Wilcox describes the sensation of reverse listening as “very extraordinary.”

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The instrument was once crafted for an odd window show at Selfridges division retailer in London. The show additionally contains a spiky flask and a prototype alarm clock that makes use of an air compressor and rubber membrane to blow into a bugle for a wake-up name. The ongoing sequence of shows and occasions is cal… [Read more]

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Reverse Listening Device channels sound to opposite ears


Spacecraft ready to wake up and hitch a ride on a comet


Rosetta will quickly wake up following a very lengthy nap.

(Credit score: Video screenshot by using Eric Mack/CNET)

It’s the digital analog (see what I did there?) for a fashionable science-fiction trope in simply about any story that includes go back and forth to deep area — the characters should enter a lengthy-time period hibernation mode to preserve vitality and keep alive for a lengthy experience of tens of millions of miles. Subsequent week, the Rosetta spacecraft will awaken after years spent in “sleep mode” on its approach to rendezvous with and in the end trap a experience on a comet.

The European House Company launched Rosetta all the manner again in 2004, with the final intention of chasing down comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko to find out about it for two years and sooner or later land a probe on the floor of the comet itself. In contrast to many different deep area craft that run on what’s primarily nuclear energy, Rosetta is powered by using enormous sun panels. To preserve power, most of its programs have been put to sleep in the center of 2011 as it made its manner towards the orbital course of Jupiter. Handiest its computer systems and heaters have remained unsleeping.

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Crave giveaway: CES swag bundle, part 1


Simply some of the items in this week’s giveaway.

(Credit score: Josh Miller/CNET)

The CNET crew’s again from CES 2014, and bearing swag aplenty. What will we be doing with all the stuff we amassed on the express ground? Sharing it with readers, of direction. This week’s giveaway winner rankings a giant massive stash.

Inside of your CES backpack you’ll to find a forty-watt-identical energy-saving Samsung LED light bulb; a 16GB PhotoFlash i-FlashDrive move-platform storage tool for Android and iOS; and an Impulse Controller, a moveable Bluetooth controller for cell units that’s additionally a key finder. (When you in finding your keys, you can put them on the TiVo keychain we’re tossing in).

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You’ll additionally get an respectable CES T-shirt and baseball cap, a lengthy-sleeve CNET shirt with 5 stars on the entrance, and a replica of the fun T-shirt T-Cellular CEO John Legere wore onstage right through his 2014 CES keynote (Legere used to be … [Read more]

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Crave giveaway: CES swag bundle, part 1


Google embarks on smart contact lenses for diabetics


A prototype of Google’s sensible contact lens that might measure glucose ranges in folks with diabetes.

(Credit score: Google)

Google has been working on good contact lenses embedded with sensors “so small they seem to be like bits of glitter” and an antenna “thinner than a human hair.”

However these lenses aren’t being developed to supply individuals super-human sight or solid the Web over their field of view — relatively, they might probably assist diabetics reveal their glucose ranges.

Google introduced Thursday that it’s been working on this secret challenge at its Google[x] analysis lab. No longer best has it developed prototypes of these sensible contact lenses, however it’s additionally completed more than one scientific analysis research, met with the US Meals and Drug Administration, and is taking a look for possible companions to convey the product to market.

“We’re now checking out a good contact lens that’s constructed to measure glucose ranges in tears the use of a tiny wi-fi chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of gentle contact lens subject material,” the challenge co-founders Brian Otis and Babak Parviz wrote in a … [Read more]

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Google embarks on smart contact lenses for diabetics