Phew! Britain has anti-alien weapons


Will it be frightening?

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I’ve turn out to be a bit of a worrier of late.

No longer as a result of I fear about the coming election, Home windows eight, or issues that appear to transfer in my fridge.

No, it’s the concept that with man proving he can leap in from outer space, outer-spaceans would possibly are attempting to do the comparable.

I am certain that our govt will need to reassure us. I understand that President Obama has informed NASA to call him the minute aliens land.

However how can we probably protect towards outerworld beings? We don’t appear terribly excellent at defeating inter-world ones.

Fortunately, I deliver excellent information: the Brits will shop the world.

MSN News brings me fine details from a man who labored at Britain’s Ministry of Protection for 21 years.

Nick Pope — for this is his identify — informed MSN:

We do have a couple of prototype airplane and drones and different weapons you gained’t see on the information for every other 10-15 years so if we did face a chance from the… [Read more]

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Phew! Britain has anti-alien weapons

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