Not tonight, darling, I’m online shopping


“No longer tonight, darling, I simply don’t need to hear to you.”

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I understand that Nancy Reagan all the time inspired us to “simply say no.”

However it’s no longer straightforward, is it? Some individuals can be terribly insistent, nagging even. Some can sulk or get aggressive.

Fortunately, it appears that American citizens have discovered a new method to inform their important others that they don’t have a vital temper for intercourse: they say they’re busy on-line procuring.

You may suppose I’m making it up. And I would possibly suppose that individuals who create these surveys are making it up too.

All I can inform you is that the cashback rewards website online EBates commissioned TNS to operate a learn about amongst 1,000 American adults that emitted interesting conclusions.

Some 10 p.c of ladies say they use their cellular gadgets — and the excuse of buying on them — to deter their enthusiasts from getting amorous.

However right here’s the nugget that may astound even extra: thirteen % of males admitted to doing the related factor.

I confess that I hadn’t thought to be on-line buying as a way of expressing thoughts towards any other individual. I surely couldn’t think about telling a lover that I wasn’t feeling carnal as a result of I was once attempting to make a decision which pair of camel boots to purchase.

And you’ll forgive me, I hope, if I point out that survey respondents … [Read more]

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Not tonight, darling, I’m online shopping


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