High-tech camouflage could protect soldiers from ballistic heat


Air Pressure Fireplace and Emergency Services and products member Nathan Fitzwater makes use of camouflage and face paint in Guam in 2005. Conventional face paint can in reality soak up, as a substitute of replicate, warmth.

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U.S. Air Power,Personnel Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III)

Highly effective explosives from fires or roadside bombs produce two close to-simultaneous blasts: first, a excessive-force blast that can lead to inside accidents, and then a thermal blast that produces temps above 1,000 levels Fahrenheit and can actually prepare dinner pores and skin, in accordance to Robert Lochhead, a professor of polymer science at the College of Southern Mississippi.

He labored with chemists to engineer a high-tech camouflage paint that is water-proof; simple to follow and cast off; non-aggravating to the eyes, nostril, and mouth; and in fact displays — as an alternative of absorbs, like most face paints — excessive warmth.

The hardest problem, Lochhead reported to the American Chemical Society throughout its 244th nationwide assembly this week, used to be to accomplish all this with out the use of mineral oil and spirits or fatty hydrocarbon components generally used in make-up. (Hydrocarbon can exact… [Read more]

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High-tech camouflage could protect soldiers from ballistic heat


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