Geeky alphabet blocks teach numbers and nerd icons


Firefly, Indiana Jones, Famous person Wars, scientists and well-known robots educate kids letters and numbers with this set of alphabet blocks created with the aid of Jonathan M. Guberman.

(Credit score: Jonathan M. Guberman)

Why train your kid the alphabet with boring pictures of ponies and apples when you might introduce your younglings to all the coolest geek icons in science, video video games, motion pictures, comics, and extra? That’s precisely what Canada-based totally nerd dad Jonathan M. Guberman notion when he created these geektastic alphabet blocks.

The blocks — which embody 36 letters and 10 digits — use geeky icons and characters like Ada Lovelace and Zelda to train the alphabet and numbers.

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“Rapidly earlier than my son used to be born I determined to make a set of alphabet blocks adorned with issues that his mom and I had been taking a look ahead to sharing with him,” … [Read more]

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Geeky alphabet blocks teach numbers and nerd icons


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