Find your first tweet: Twitter opens archive for its birthday


Crave’s first tweet was once all about a CPU cooler.

(Credit score: Screenshot by using Amanda Kooser/CNET)

I truthfully couldn’t keep in mind that what my first tweet was once about. I joined Twitter again in 2010 and have generated 1,559 tweets on the grounds that then. Too many to consider them all. In celebration of its 8th birthday, Twitter is making simple for forgetful folks like me to uncover the very tweet that began the experience. Your first tweet.

The usage of the web page, you can enter your Twitter username and immediately pull up that clever, insightful, and humorous first tweet you posted. In my case, it was once a lethal uninteresting journalistic inquiry asking to get in contact with a press contact for a restaurant. Scintillating! If I had identified I used to be going to be having a look at my first tweet once more years down the line, I would have composed one thing about “Famous person Trek” crossing over with “Physician Who,” or most likely an artfully stunning haiku.

Happily, doesn’t restrict you to your personal output. You can take a look at on different usernames as neatly. CNET’s first tweet in 2009 is all about AT&T rising a bounty on fiber vandals. You’ll to find that some of lately’s Twitter luminaries didn’t precisely shine in their first outings. … [Read more]

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Find your first tweet: Twitter opens archive for its birthday


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