Dear iPad pedestrians, this has to stop


Is the alleged iPad Mini namely designed for self-absorbed pedestrians?

In my function as Secretary for Apocalypse Avoidance, infrequently it’s onerous to be variety.

Occasionally, you see, humanity decides to do issues at which even Beelzebub would possibly flip up his crimson nostril.

And so it was once, remaining evening, as I used to be strolling up San Francisco’s Market Boulevard that I found out a pattern I had but to witness.

It was once simply prior to 6 o’clock in the night and I used to be on my means to a rendezvous with a deeper future, when a man virtually walked headlong into me.

This used to be strange, as a result of San Francisco has moderately extensive sidewalks and somewhat few individuals. This is no longer Long island.

And but this naturally complicated human had made up our minds he would stroll to the subway — or to his hydroponic acupressure session — whereas studying his iPad.

Certainly, the quilt used to be well unwrapped, forming a little stand so that, most likely, he discovered it more uncomplicated to snatch.

It’s unquestionably one factor when folks stroll alongside maintaining their cell telephones. Although as soon as upon a time, I would bump into these lost souls in Manhattan — actually and intentionally, to see if they’d wake up from the self-founded myopia — now it appears quite commonplace.

Now not best precisely, however commonplace. Like a mendacity realtor.

It’s as if cell cellphone pedestrians have taken out their little mirr… [Read more]

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Dear iPad pedestrians, this has to stop

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